It may be the smallest flashlight on the market, just 34mm long

Hi, guys.

Today I’d like to recommend our mini keychain flashlight M2 to you. I think you’ll like it. We offer a special discount for all BLFers. Don’t forget to PM me to get a coupon if you are interested in it.

M2 is a mini keychain flashlight specially designed for every day carry (EDC), as small as one CR123A Battery, it comes with a 200-lumen beam that can reach up to 83 meters of throw, it is definitely one of the brightest smallest flashlights in the market.

USB direct charging


  1. Color: Black
  2. LED: 1*CREE XP-E2 R3
  3. Max Output: 200 lumens
  4. Max Beam Distance: 83 meters / 272 feet
  5. Max Beam Intensity: 1720cd
  6. Max Runtime: 24 hours
  7. Battery: 200mAh built-in li-ion rechargeable battery pack
  8. Modes: 3 outputs (high – med – low) plus strobe
  9. Length: 34mm / 1.33 inches
  10. Diameter: 20mm / 0.78 inches
  11. Weight: 18.5g / 0.65 oz

Let’s see the lighting effect.

I am interested. Do you also have coupon for M3 and HS6R flashlight? Thank you!

Yea, that’s small alright.

That is stupendously bright for a tiny keychain light, brighter than anything its size that I can think of. But there are certainly smaller lights around, starting with the very common Photon-style keychain lights with 5mm leds. There were smaller ones of those, and of course various cylindrical lights running on button cells and the 10180 lithium ion cell. This still looks cool! Is there an order link? Does it run Anduril? Please feel free to pm me a coupon. Thanks!

Keychain light modes are best to have ramp UP in UI selection (moon —> low —> medium —> high). Looks like yours starts with high and ramps down?

They state the UI… definitely not Anduril and frankly in a keychain light it wouldn’t make any sense.

Small in length, but not really width (Sofirn, Wurkkos, Olight, RovyVon all offer small keychain lights that are slimmer).

Anduril always makes sense ;). I’d love to be able to reprogram my Photon Freedom.

I agree that I wouldn’t want such a thick light for edc. I usually edc a 1aaa light in the watch pocket of my jeans. That thickness is not too annoying, but 1aa is too thick.

Hey, xevious,

The default factory setting of our product is low-medium-high, but it has a memory function, so when you shut down in the mid-range position, it will be the mid-range position after restarting. :smiley:

Looks like a nice tiny flashlight, but too chunky for me for a keychain flashlight.

Well that’s good to know. You ought to update your product details so it’s clear. Usually when indicating the brightness menu, it’s best to do it in the order encountered in the menu. Some flashlights start on high by default, then cycle down.

It would be great if you could release the software so we can configure it ourselves.

I’m interested

Can you disable the mode memory?

I’m so glad the 200lm keychain light has strobe function to fend off angry aggression that I might face.

I have it. Its pretty amazing for being so tiny amd I love the reflector in thia more than a TIR because of the super useful spill combined with a hotspot. I haven’t gotten around to testing, but I will later and post here. I believe the clam of 200 lumens.

cannot tell, is the switch a button or a twisty?

A button…a tiny (3mm or so) aluminum button on the back.

Sorry that it can’t. I think most people will like this memory function. :slight_smile:

Hey, wle, The switch button is at the top

I’m looking forward to your wonderful review. Don’t forget to share it with all BLFers. :smiley:

Thank you for your feedback. The memory function is already a regular function, so we didn’t write it out specifically, but it will be shown in the manual. :slight_smile: