It only takes a little to earn a loyal customer.

I wanted to make a decent CRI flashlight. had an 80+ CRI but only for the 16mm board.
I asked if they could send me one in 20mm.
lo and behold, 20mm!


Links and stuff?

I wonder what did to turn so many people off

Remember…it’s also VERY easy to loose loyal customers too

People have said their shipping can be extremely slow. Slower then just about any other chinese store.

Orders would arrive quicker if they were fulfilled immediately, put in a bottle, and thrown in the ocean. At least with free or the least expensive shipping option with tracking. It's why I really appreciate that RMM is a distributer in my country.

They’re slow yes, but still great. I forgot I ordered a P60 drop-in until it showed up at my door. I think it took about a month.

My last order from IO, two days to send and arrived in ten days.

I don’t know what they use but mine took an eternity to arrive, so much so that I thought that it was lost.

Yes, the shipping takes over 12 days. BUT, China is China. Items move at an average of 18mph to get to me from China lol.

^ the 2nd slowest I’ve had, only thing that beat it in slowness was Kai (battery shipped on the slowboat, literally).

Pay the $5 for USPS or Royal Mail upgrade, I got last order in a little over 2 weeks.

LOL @ 18mph

I just received a couple of these usb chargers - ordered during a Chinese holiday, and sent (with tracking) as soon as Hank got back to work. Very happy with IOS. Can’t expect everything to be delivered in a week (like HK Equipment’s recent Spark group buy - that was amazing)!

Great - now that you’ve brought it up I’ve gone and bought the new XinTD V5. Thanks a lot.

Hank maybe a little slow but I always get what I order. That beat fast bad shipping any day.

It seems like any seller can be hit or miss. I’ve had bad luck with Fasttech lately; they seem to enjoy shipping stuff Hong Kong post, which has been taking forever. The last order I placed in March took over 30 days… Blech. I have much better luck with ePacket service.

My order actually came really quick this time round. Less than 2 weeks for my XinTD V5 NW 4D XML. Very impressed with shipping, packaging and the light itself.

Shipping will be slower if you opt out tracking number. Something that i have noticed for IOS and FT.