ITC - Shipping costs?

Wanted to purchase the Solarforce L2 for $9.99 But why is it that US customers get free shipping?

Others have to pay $2.

I wish i could get it for $9.99.

I think its because they send the items as registrered letter. More secure that way and

you probably get it faster. I just received a Solarforce body 5 days after ordering!! No matter

you have to pay the 2 extra $, buy it. Its worth the price. Fine quality.

An mind you: As a european, dont buy it at Its more expensive there. More or less same

numerical price, but in £ . I use and save some hard earned money. I dont know why ITC

equals 1$ to 1£.

Oddly enough, registered post may be more secure (Though no package has ever gone missing between DX and here), it is also considerably slower to the UK. Items sent untracked always get here faster than tracked ones.

I tend to use for the ITC stuff - it really annoys me that it says free postage all over their pages then they charge you $2 postage. If it didn't say free postage everywhere I wouldn't care about the $2 postage charge which is perfectly reasonable.

Canada does not get free shipping? Why?

Due to the fast shippingtime I only suppose its due to the registrered mail. I have never lost a package

from DX either, but they are slower, allthough I just got a package 10 days after ordering, which is a

bit far from the usual 3 weeks.

I've remarked on this before.

I asked ITC about it before and they confirmed it was because registeration was compulsory. I don't really understand their policies. If you buy it from they don't require it if you ship it to US (but do for Australia), if you buy it from they don't require it if you ship it to Australia (but do for US). Surprisingly some expensive items they don't seem to require it at all unless they always ship registered even though their item details still claims you need to pay $2 for registered.

When I asked, they claimed other postal services are less secure then the US, I doubt that is true for all other postal services nor does it explain the Australia/US thing. It annoys me somewhat (if you want to have funny shipping policies, that's up to you, but don't make up bullshit reasons.) Perhaps it's because of their misleading claims of worldwide free shipping in the item description, it may be easier to get away with it if at least for the place where the item is listed you have worldwide free shipping. As with Don, this annoys me a lot. I would encourage people to complain about this either to ITC or eBay. Perhaps they will eventually change.

Another alternative if it annoys you as a much as me is to try and force them to honour what they say in the listings, in other words, buy it and refuse to pay the extra $2 since it says worldwide free shipping. If you haven't actually asked them about it, you can say you read the item details and didn't bother to look at the shipping since it says worldwide free shipping. I can't guarantee it will work but I've heard eBay is actually quite good at forcing sellers to honour what they say if you take it up with them. At the very least, it's possible eBay may disallow ITC to reclaim their success fee if you won't buy because they are unwilling to honour what they said in their listing. (This part won't work if you are sure you want to buy from ITC.)

Oh and yes, although I've never purchased from ITC, Australia and US usually seem to the best for me in NZ since I have to pay for the registration whatever the case and the currency is irrelevant. Who's cheapest depends somewhat if they're having a discount.

BTW here in NZ from what I've heard registered is usually faster.

It annoys me too that I have to pay for postage and others dont have to. I have considered

to make a claim to Ebay about it, but I did not. And when I found out that they send mail

registrered and that its much faster this way I have droped to do it.

I think that 2$ is in fact very cheap for getting the item fast in stead of the many weeks, even

month you have to wait at e.i.DX. With them I have a dropin ordered. I have now waited 3

weeks and it still says waiting for supplier.

ITC now seems to have a webshop which claims to be cheaper than ebay. Still 2 $ shipping costs, though. But you save shipping costs, when you buy more than 1 item.

L2i (grey) 7.99 L2R 9.99 XPG Cree Led 5 mode 14.99 (+2) ... hmmm must resist

Interesting for all owner of old L2 which only take 17650. Body for 18650 3.99 (+2)

Thanks for the links. ITC is a very nice place to shop. I can only recommend:

Quality products, nice prices and fast shipping.