ITP is no more

The itplight website has been down for months and there was a vague announcement on olightworld about a website update in regards to itp. As it turns out, Olight decided to kill the ITP brand. The products will live on as Olight branded products. Check out this announcement from goinggear:

Keep an eye out for the itp branded products to be clearanced out. Hopefully this doesn't mean the eventual end of their budget priced products.

Interesting ... Thanks for the update

I like the design of the new i3's. Wish we could get neutral tint versions.


Im actually still in for an ITP a3.. now just have to wait until they go on clearance (at chinese vendors, from US, shipping is too pricy.)

But why did they make the i3 longer than the a3 (70.8mm vs 66.5mm), brighter min with less run time (2.5lm/20h vs 1.8lm/50h, official numbers anyway) and less bright med and max with less run time (20lm/1.5h vs 22lm/4h; 70lm/0.7h vs 96lm/0.9h)?

Not happy :(

Yes, thats what I was wondering.... the output (numbers) seem to be different...

An ITP a3 upgrade has been on my wish list for a while. Hadn't thought about ordering Chinese - thanks for the idea.


They probably didn't decrease the output any, they just redid their official measurements to be more accurate since the "name-brands" are being a lot more particular about having their quoted measurements come closer to ANSI standard because of consumer complaints. The 96 lumen was always way off. It was always more like 60 OTF lumens when tested in an IS. The longer length is probably a result of the redesigned tail. The keyring attachment was always a nub at the end. Looks like the lengthened the tail so they could fit both a keychain slot and the new screws for the pocket clip while now giving it the ability to tailstand. 4mm is not that much added length for the more functional design.

Hmmm I REALLY like the screwed in clip!!. Thats where your extra 5mm of length comes from, the length needed to accommodate the screws.

Screwed in clip means no slipping clips, no scratching itself to bits.... Awesome sauce!

Well, I use the clip as a protection against rolling... The light just sits free in my pocket.

I wondered about the changed specs. The higher low does bother me.

I ordered one from Lightake for my wife in June, ordered a Q5 and received an R5.. all for about 19 dollars including shipping.. (used a coupon that I found on the net)

But now my funds are a little limited, and have a few things in mind that I want to buy.... hmmm.

if they go on clearance... (if anybody finds this out) let me know

I doubt they changed anything on the driver at all. They just decided to make their specs more accurate. Won't know for certain until you get one to compare side by side. 2.5 lumens is still pretty darn low.


I think the same.

Well, shouldn't be bad news, while they maintain ITP prices and quality... no prob for me. And I like redesigned model, btw :)

the a1 doesn't officially take rcr's now? really? dumb move if this is true..also they're not keeping the sa line? my sa1 is one of the best lights I own..that sucks..

I'm guessing that the lack of official RCR support may have something to do with the move to the XM-L emitter. The "reputable" manufacturers seem reluctant to officially list rcr support on their tiny lights with XM-L. Probably concerned about too much heat and they don't want to warrant it. 4sevens did the same thing with the mini123x.

Its unclear whether Olight will release anything equivalent to the SA series. I would guess no because they were undercutting their own product line.

You know that the CEO for both companies is the same man, don't you? 4Sevens & Olight

never heard that before. I know Olight makes makes the 4sevens light. That doesn't sound right since Olight has been making lights for quite a while and 4sevens started as a dealer of Fenix and Nitecore. Can you provide some links to back that assertion up?

here's a video that may clear up the 4sevens and Olight relationship.

Got it. Thanks. That explains even more why ITP is gone. Also explains even more why Olight won't give the i1 official support for RCR. From the MiniX, we can pretty much guarantee that an RCR will work though.