It's been too long since my last giveaway- Winner Announced

I listed all the unique entries and added one for Steve and one for SB.

The 38th unique entry is Wrathbringer27, congratulations! Pm me your address and I’ll get it into the mail as soon as I get a chance(likely before June if your lucky).

It’s been awhile and probably not worth the wait but you get what you pay for (at best). This Sipik SK68 has been extensively modded to address the lights well known flaws. I can’t say they were eliminated, but they were addressed. The mod thread is Here Button top Efest 16650 2200’s will fit as will the shorter Sanyo UR16650ZTA, longer/wider protected cells won’t. I may include a cell, then again I may not.

Open to all members who joined before today. Conus includes shipping. Enter at your own risk. This is the light. will most likely determine the winner. Contest ends in 1 week(Jan 12, noon PST).

Thanks for all the compliments everybody. I’m giving it away precisely because I do like it. Cheap, but still worthy. Another will take its place soon enough.



This is such nice work I’d almost be afraid to put it to work.

I’m in, that light is beautiful…

What is the body made of? Loving the fresh look compared to black

Cut from a seasoned-on-the-tree Bay Laurel Burl cap. The tree had been down(roots rotted) for most of a year before I cut a few of the burl caps off. They look like 3”–12” warts and this tree was covered with them. Not exactly rare but to find one with this many, this close to home and on an already down dead tree was an opportunity not to be missed. After the initial sanding/sealing some walnut stain was applied to darken it a bit and increase the contrasts. Both this and the unknown root ball that went into the contest light are very tough materials, much more so than Redwood Burl. Anything can be damaged but I think it will retain good looks better than ano. It’s pretty well infused with epoxy resin, the first few coats being thinned with iso for better penetration. Lacquer looks great but isn’t nearly as durable or chemical resistant and needs to cure for weeks before you can sand and polish it. Polyurethane is another choice but I’m happy with this so far.

Very nice, I have had interest in SK68 style lights lately.

I'm in :)

It's beautiful!

Ooooh… me, me, me… I’d like to be included, please.

Thanks and Happy New Year, Rufus.

You’ve put a lot of work into that light, RBD. Looks beautiful! The winner is going to be one lucky individual.

Wow, cannot Imagine you give this beauty away, especially with alle the time and effort youve put in!
Nevertheless, count me in!

It looks to me that I should use it to smoke some very fine fragrant tobacco.

And I’ve quite smoking about a decade ago!!!


I’m in!

Absolutely gorgeous light! Prettiest Sipik 68 ever!!! 8^)

I love the burl. Beautiful work.

Very nice, I’m in, thanks for the GAW :slight_smile:

Very cool! I am in.

It´s a beauty! :THUMBS-UP:

Thanks for the GAW! This thing looks beautiful. Two thumbs way up! :THUMBS-UP: :THUMBS-UP:

Count me in. Thanks for doing the GAW, Rufusbduck. It’s a beauty!