It's Christmas time! Advice needed for a gift

Ok, it's a little bit soon but considering shipping time from HK i'm right in time!

Some friend see one of my flashlight (Akoray K106) and really like it. So i decided to buy some flashlight like gift for Christmas. So here's the request:

- Flashlight using AA (or 14500 and AA)

- Very bright on AA

- Between $5 and $15

- Not Flood to throw

- At least two different flashlight (different gift for different friends)

I was thinking about Akoray (obviously) and SS C3 but i know you have a lot of better suggestion!


Trustfire R5-A3

SkyRay S-A1

Very nice construction, great throw for it’s size, 14500 and AA.

Hmmmm , bit of a minefield the budget AA's

Ultrafire M2

AA, below $15.Romisen RC-G2.


Uniquefire AA S-1

Talk about hitting the mark...


+ some batts if they need :)

i /heart SkyRay S-A1 nice piece.

also if you can find a Unique Fire 1 mode S10 on ebay is another good stand in

I think you need bling for christmas lights ..

Stainless steel f-23 AAA

or C-3

S-2 chinaqualitygoods

If bling is needed, it has to be the SS C3 because its the only one in-budget and AA as the OP requested.

If you are going to be giving them away you can buy the SA-1 do the strobe delete mod and put the driver in a stainless C-3 it screws right in than put the C-3 pill in the SA-1 give that one away and keep the 3 mode XPG stainless C-3. I have a C3 3 mode XPG light with no strobe and it is an awesome light.

Also if ss is not the best material to build a flashlight... it will looks more expensive gift ;)

and the cheap sipik 68! ...I know is flood to throw but ppl love it XD

$13.44 (Stainless Steel)

$10.50 (Aluminum but includes holster)

Don't buy aluminium C3s.

I own a lot (>10) of them - but really, really don't unless you really enjoy fixing them.

The SS ones are totally different beasties. And very much nicer.

Uniquefire AA-S1

Uniquefire S10 - single mode one - avoid the multimode ones, they just aren't very good.

The Romisen Rc-G2 is a very good light - I just hate them, I've given away quite a lot of them - for free - despite having bought them for myself. I just cannot get on with this light though just about everyone else loves them.