It's Foy's Fault I Modded this Solarforce L2. Nichia 219, Four 2/3A NiMH, Charging Port.

It's not really Foy's fault, but due to looking at his threads, I decided to try modding one of these Solarforce L2 lights.

I bought an L2 empty, with an extension and a second tail cap. I had decided to do it with NiMH batteries, (you know how I am about Li-ions), so I figured I might as well go all the way and make it rechargeable in the light.

Here's a photo of the components.


I had to get E1320 to send me an empty drop-in. I thought I had one, but you know how that goes.

I'm using a NANJG driver and a Nichia 219, that I reflowed onto an XP-G star, some .010" copper sheet for a wrap around the drop-in and three 5/8" 18ga copper discs, to fill in the heat sink.


I cut a piece of the .010" (30ga)copper sheet and fit it into the drop-in opening. It is fairly snug. If I had .012" (28ga), I would have used it for a tighter fit.


I soldered the three 18gax5/8" copper discs into the brass base of the drop-in. I pre-soldered one side of each discs, then I dropped them in and heated it up.


When I solder these in place, I use a screwdriver to put pressure on them, so it squeezes out the solder, for a thinner joint. It's gonna run out the holes in the base, so I have to fix that in a minute.


I use the socket you saw in the other photo and turn the base over. Using something to hold it, I heat it again and just scrape away the excess solder with a screwdriver. You could use a solder sucker or copper braid, but this works and I'm lazy.


I removed two of the 7135 chips, which leaves me with 2100ma. This driver was programmed by E1320, with his 5 mode program, so 2100ma would be considered Turbo. Even though the spring is showing, I removed it later and soldered the positive direct to the driver.


Charging port installed. The nut is held in place and I had to tighten by the body of the plug, inside the light. Fun stuff! - not...


Not a lot of room here. I cut down the terminals and tinned them. I will have to solder the wires inside the light. The plastic bushing helps to support the plug and keeps other things from jamming into the plug.


Here's the battery pack. I used small magnets between the batteries and soldered the pos and neg leads on. The negative lead going forward, is for the charging port. The normal tail cap function works as it should. One positive lead for the charging port and one for the pill.


I really did have to solder those dammed things inside the light. More fun than I could ever imagine.

I covered it all with AA, just to protect all the terminals and keep anything from shifting.


It even works! The charger is doing it's thing and later tonight, I will do beam shots.


Finished light


I did the homemade OP finish on the reflector. It looked terrible before spraying it.


I can't remember which model of tail cap this Is. I just liked the holes for a lanyard.

Of course, this goes up for sale in a day or so. I need to do a little polishing and double check everything. Plus I need to do beam shots. I will tell you that with 2.1a and 4 NiMHs it is bright as hell and will heat up fast. Better off to run it on med or low and use high for turbo.

I also have to say that I am impressed with the Stock Solarforce. I have used a few Chinese lights and I will say that this one is the best fit and finish I have seen. I was impressed with how smooth the threads were and the overall finish of the individual parts of the light. I would not hesitate to buy one of these over any of the other P60 drop-in lights that I have tried.

Great work Old-Lumens !

Simply amazing .

Thats some cool stuff. You have great imagination and skill!

I bit the bullet recently and got a bunch of SF stuff to Lego around with. And I’m very very impressed with this build. I say that about almost all of your builds but I can’t help it.

+1. Foy that bezel!

ISO 100, F2.7, Daylight white balance, 1Sec. shutter.

5 modes against the brick wall.






Highest mode. It's a floody light for sure. No range, but a huge spill.


Closest to white wall that I have. Highest mode.


That's all folks...

Good thing someone saved that post Jack, or my next photo would be meaningless, LOL

I compromised.


That switch is an S4 and . . . wow Justin, pretty cool. From the list of parts you talked about, I had a hard time imagining what it would look like. And, Jack was the first I saw that took down a bezel halfway like that. He did a sand L2 a long time ago that I'm sure he still has.

Killer rechargeable light, Justin.


Plain awesome. :)

Despite my dislike of any p60 type light…… I really want to own that!
Great work Justin.

Wow incredible work, you just brought the P-60 format to a whole new level. Thanks for sharing.

Nice one Old-Lumens. I think someone will love that thing in daily use.

It looks like a working light to me. Must have very long run time with those batteries and current draw. Nice :-)

Thank you Foy !

Nice work Justin.

great job OL, love the rechargeability factor. Do you have a dust cover for the charging port?

Yes, a rubber cap (automotive vacuum line cap).

neat, those things have so many uses :slight_smile:


Foy's fault.

Because....his posts here got me into Solarforce hosts.

AND: being here on BLF quickly lead me to E1320; currently awaiting a couple XM-L X-tra Warms from him; one hand on the PayPal button!

Some blame to Cone, a friend from another Forum.

Back to topic:

Love the big honkin' light; love the 'rechargeable' plug-n-play concept, although it exceeds my skillset by several pay grades...just like the Nichia 219 mod....only in my dreams.


Cone seemed jealous when I talked to you in the E1320 thread. :P So now I figure I should talk to you some more. :) Either way nice to see you on BLF. (I lurk on EDCF periodically)

He needs a checkup from the neckup. Furthermore: according to the KY Board of Nursing, I'm qualified to make that assessment. Almost 20 years experience tells me it's likely he is incorrigible. A subversive reactionary, mentally decadent, garage-sale mentality, gutter mind, out to lunch in his head.

Proud to say he is my friend.

That 'lurking on EDCF' needs to cease, Scaru.

Join up,ASAP. Tell 'em: 'THCone sent me!' or 'Gnarly sent me!' (pick one!).

There is a lotta respect over there, for the members of BLF.

I stuck around here, because folks dealt with my non-techie questions without flaming, or going outta their way to demonstrate just how little I savvy. Unlike some places I've been.

Back to topic,now. And sorry I derailed the train.



Nicely done! This would serve as a daily work light. Oh btw, it’s Foy’s fault too that I sold my UF WF-504B and bought a SF L2. :stuck_out_tongue: