It's getting ridiculous.. I should stay away from BLF for awhile

My wife start to think this hobby of mine is getting out of control.. please show me picture of your collections ( hopefully bigger than mine ) so I can convince her this is normal :bigsmile:

Since the last time I had a disaster slowly I had to rebuild my shelves and alas.. after I added 1 more shelf, I can stop buying more to keep the space from being empty :)

Do you think this is out of control? :~ !

I think I'm going to need to stay away from BLF for awhile.. too many group buys ( part of it is my fault )

with Nitecore TM36 from Banggood is coming next week, I think I'm done buying light for this year.. also especially after modded SRK from RMM is coming too,.. and also waiting for SolarStorm Warrior from Wallbuys, Jetbeam SRA40, another Smallsun T08, F13 from gearbest ( if it's even going to show up one of these days) Ultrafire "Bling Dragon" SS light from ebay Sigh.. I really need to stop as I'm running out of space on my selves

My wimpy little card table of 26 lights feels extra small about now!

this is not normal :bigsmile:

Theres a point where one can remove the moniker of crazy by gifting lights.
But youve moved beyond the realm of normal gifting, ie: family, close friends etc.
To gift, you would need to walk up to strangers in car parks and offer them lights.

You may have crossed a line.

Well your nic is definitely apropos…especially if you fire all of em up at the same time :smiley:

Definitely envious of you all I can muster up is DAAAUUUUMMM! ON the serious side we all have our hobbies/addictions Iran how many people do we know that have extensive liquor collections of expensive brandy, how many people have a firearms collection a card collection or a large collection we all have our hobbies as long as we aren’t neglecting our responsibilities our relationships ,well only you can be the judge if that!

Did you say gun collections? :wink:

Or he's going to have to start doing genealogy. Cousins 22 times removed are going to be getting lights.

Ill take the money collection

I can see the top shelf sagging under the sheer weight :stuck_out_tongue:

I would suggest calling flashaholics101 anonymous for advice on how to control this addiction :wink:

I on the other hand need to take a course on how to acquire more lights.

Donations greatly accepted to further enrich my addiction :money_mouth_face:

Your not alone. :bigsmile:
Here is “some” of my light collection:

Just wow!

Did you ever think it might be prudent to have 2 sets of batteries for each light? Just in case of an emergency or something. Like a Zombie Apocalypse! Yep, the habit gets worse.

I think I have more batteries than lights to put them in. The closest I have to that is my drawer of unmodded Mininags and Solitaires.

Whats the gold light on the top shelf on right ?

Rufusbduck, now your scaring the hell outta me! If I don’t get a grip, I’m gonna get a whole drawer of MiniMags!

Daylighter, please don’t put that TM36 on the top shelf. I can’t bare the pain of another shelf disaster thread!

-deleted other post, brain fart :zipper_mouth_face:

its the Steam Pipe Light for this year’s Scratch-Build Contest, here: >> DBSAR - The 2nd. Annual BLF Scratch Made Light Contest Entry / UPDATE -June 27th, more photos

its like how many light do you need?the answer is just 1 but when asked how many light do you want?the answer is a lot :slight_smile: