It's Hog Huntin' Time! WOOHOO!!!

It's every flashaholic's dream...miles and miles of deep country with no lights besides some distant stars (and those mostly covered by clouds).

I have a cousin who went back home to his Pandora ranch (right near Seguin, TX). This 630+ acre property has had a problem that most all country properties have had--wild hogs ruining everything they interact with. These have bred out of control and the local ranches have taken to killing them off.

So, about 45 minutes ago, I got a call from my cousin saying he needs my lights! He and two other cousins will there tonight and tomorrow taking care of bi'ness! Being that I am currently in San Antonio and this was a last minute round-up, I'll not be as prepared as I wanted to be, which has called for a second date set for my birthday when I am set up back down here on April 16 (if you are in the area and have the desire, my cousin has no problem with anyone else coming out to join in the fun).

Which lights would you bring? I plan to have a bag full.

Depends, are you hunting with a rifle, pistol, or bow? Will someone be holding the light while someone else is pulling the trigger? Also depends how long the visibility is; if you are in heavy brush, might as well use an XM-L P60, if you are in open land or trees, might want your best thrower

I've spent a lot of time in Seguin, nice area. Have some friends that live in Turtle Cove, on the Guadalupe River.

I'll just be holding the lights. :-) The rest are using a combo of pistols, rifles, and one AK-47. The area is of pastures and thick brush mostly like many ranches. Not too hard to walk or even drive in, though.

For wild hogs, I'd prefer lighting up as much area as possible using more floody lights rather than all out beam or throwy lights.

If you are hunting wild hogs, you can hold one light, but I would make sure my other hand could hold a .357 or larger caliber handgun.

Snap some pics and post updates! Good luck! :)

In my last hunting trip I used a Sky Ray Stl-v2 and a Ultrafire C8 to spot wild boar and a Jetbeam Bc10 on low as support.

I first used the Skyray until it started to automatically change to a lower mode, indicating low battery.

I switched to the C8 and did not noticed it to be much weaker (lumen), albeit It was much lighter (weight wise) and faster to move around.

Probably won´t be using 2x18650 flashlights to hunt again. It´s not very practical to carry around.

My two cents.

My Coyote rig would be perfect for hogs. An XPE R2 with an aspherical lens and a Nikon 3-9x40 scope for far away and a 20mW green laser for up close with 20 rounds of 7.62x39 to do the dirty deed.

Plus a Glock 30 with 13 rounds of 45ACP for backup.

You would have to be real good to hit with a 357, and super good to hit with it with a one hand hold.

Hey, if I was gonna be the one "holding the light" for the others, and I had to shoot, it would only be 15 or 20 feet away. Can do that with a .357 and a one-handed hold. This isn't 50-yard target practice...

You just aim right between the tips of those tusks, your light is making them glow brightly.

If you need a 2nd shot, be careful not to shoot off one of your toes.


Woaa, nice! That XRE-R2 is in a P60 host?

Perhaps a nice floody headlamp would do nicely. That way you can keep your hands free for shooting. Those hogs are getting out of control. I read an article the other day that they are in NY state now wreaking havoc on crops.

Awesome set ups on your bad a** Guns...

You are good!!

You called me game right out. Smile

I am NRA Master in 2700 point matches, and we do shoot 50 yd stuff.. Smile

However, that is with precise target pistols shooting target loads. I have hunted with handguns, kill various small game, and one small deer with handguns. No nighttime stuff, and game was 30 to 50 yards away. Requiring a good shot for a hit. I never spray and pray. Smile

i'd say that mini is close enough (actually, it is capable of more precision, and is stainless lol). samuel would probably agree, given the r2, laser and optics

Yes it's a Hugsby S3 so I can run 3 CR123s without them rattling around when I am far away from a power source. I use two 17500s to start when they die I switch to the CR123s until I get back to civilization.

Can't wait to see pics of you, the dead hog, your weapon and of course --

your flashlight.

Nice! I miss my guns and rifles.

I want those!

I hunt just east of Seguin. My hog medicine is a 500S&W Saiga semiauto rifle conversion (done by me). It has a green (soon to be red) aspherical 501b with tape switch. Also use a crossbow with 501b. For long range stand hunting have a DPMS 308 24” HB setup. Have taken hogs @ 300yds.

Looking for the ultimate RED led flashlight brought me to this forum and am still perfecting it.