Ituo WIZ1 and WIZ2 light review

OK thought this would be fitting here since these are much more flashlight oriented.

Both the WIZ1 and WIZ2 are almost identical lights. The only difference is the rear housing for the WIZ1 is designed for a 26650 cell where as the WIZ2 is designed for an 18650 cell. Both use protected cells. Ituo was pretty strict about that as unprotected cells work but dont seem to sit as snugly inside as longer protected version do.

Here’s the rest of the Details:

-Output rated at 800 lumens. Tested at 783 and 785.
-Use Cree XM-L2 U3 5000k (something like 3D tint)
-Lens with OP reflector
–2 mode sets: First is steady on modes, all fully programmable in 10% increments. Second is flash modes (accessed by double click from off). 3 different options.
-USB rechargeable via built in micro USB port (no charge or discharge protection built into light, so quality protected cells are required)
-WIZ1 is a 4500mah 26650 cell (forget the manufacturer) and the WIZ2 is a 3200mah NCR18650BE Panasonic.
-both include a gopro mount compatible clip on mount and a gopro style, quick release handlebar mount. Also include USB cord (of course)
-momentary switch function (no clicky at all but 0 parasitic drain), Switch shows blue when battery is 100->20 and turns read at 20% and below

Ituo WIZ1: USA

Ituo WIZ2: USA

And here is a couple beam shots, not the greatest as I got a different camera I was trying to figure out the settings for beam shots all over again so both arent quite as “bright” as they should have been but pretty close. This isnt a thrower or a flat out flood light. More of a wide spot with useable spill to it. Fits the road riding/commuter purposes perfectly as anything much brighter/tighter is a hazard to others on the road:

Medium (preset):


And finally, the output graphs. Dont think I have shared my set up over here on BLF yet so here’s a pic of that followed by the graphs. Yeap its a foam diy sphere with several external modifications since I do mainly bike lights. And Bike lights (normal, not ones like these) require airflow. But to keep it accurate to “during use” instead of a random fan pointed from a funny angle, I created a cooling tube with ducted intakes at the sphere, the fan is mounted to pull air through, not push air in. Have a mount to attach flashlight as well: (this was not a pic from when I was testing the WIZ1 and WIZ2, not sure what light I was running on the test when I took this pic)

WIZ1 Graph:

WIZ2 Graph:


Perfect commuting/urban/bike path light. Being able to charge at work or home easily makes life gravy with either of these. And of course I have more cells than Ill ever use before they die of old age so for longer rides I can just bring a spare or 2.

Ill work on getting a short video of riding and more pictures (better beam shot style) when i get time and mother nature cooperates.

nice review
impressive setup for testing you got there!
Thanks for sharing!

Thanks. The thick walls of those styrofoam spheres allows for a lot of modifications without interfering with the internal surface. Both my lux meter mount and the cooling tube are actually secured to the sphere using hex screws.

The meter mount is an adhesive gopro mount with a screw through the center for extra stability.

The cooling tube has 4 screws, one at each corner of the plate that is up against the sphere opening.

I did run the test of the wiz1 and 2 with with cooling tube since they were going to be left at max output for a full battery cycle.