I've done something wrong on my HS-802 mod

I purchased several red HS-802 lights and decided to mod one up. Installed a red xp-e on a aluminum mcpcb held down with AA thermal adhesive and A nanjg 4x7135 1.4a single mode driver. It is actually slightly dimmer than the stock light. What have I done wrong? Any ideas?( single 18650 battery) The thread I read on here about doing implied id almost double my output.
modding hs-802 this might be a link to the thread.
Thread was titled modding HS-802
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Not sure if this is the cause but possibly the vf of the driver isn’t as high as with the nanjg 4×7135 1.4a as it is with the stock driver? People more experienced with the NANJG drivers may be better placed to comment.

I have a green HS-802 unmodded. Amazing thrower, almost a light saber result.

could be be several things or a combination of the following

1. low bin emitter
2. xpe not xpe2
3.aluminum mcpcb
4.bedded in AA epoxy
5. HS-802 very sensitive to focusing
6. 1.4A no problem with sinkpad or noctigon bedded in AS5

So it could be any of the things I’ve done? That would be my luck

Have you measured tailcapcurrent?

Hs-802’s came with XR-E LED. I don’t think that the XP-E can hold up to it. Personally, I’d do a red XP-E2 and run it between 2 and 2.4A.

awesome ive downgraded my led! i have not measure my tailcap current yet, i will tonight. How do i tell if i have my led properly adusted in to the reflector? i ask because without the head of the light in place just an exposed led, the xp-e looks brighter on the wall 10’ away
Could i reinstall my xr-e emmitter and keep the new 1.4A driver or is that to much for an xr-e?

Do you have any information on the original 802s you are modding? A link to where purchased, or any pics? Does the original red LED have the silver metal ring around the base of the dome (indicating that it is an XR-E)?

The XR-E is still a good emitter for throwers, but an XP-E should be a good option. Either way, the 1.4A driver should be a good option.

We also don't know how hard the original driver was pushing the emitter. If you have one of the unmodded lights, with the factory driver, I'd suggest checking the tailcap current, then comparing against your modded light.

Like mentioned above, the focal point of the XP-E will be different than the XR-E. You may have to use a spacer between the emitter PCB and the reflector to seat the emitter further from the reflector opening to get an optimum beam. Do you have a good XP-sized centering ring to fit the opening? I use these...


Ok I bought the lights of of amazon they seem to have xr-e emitters at least they have the silver ring. They are on a maybe 10mm board Thermal epoxy’d into the center of a brass housing. The I modded driver was delivering 540ma
So I was comparing an xr-e at 540ma to an xp-e at 1400ma
I found a thread on this site about the xr-e maxing out at 1400ma so I swapped in a 1.4a driver and it is noticeably brighter than the unmodded one
I have also ordered a couple 2.8a drivers for the xp-e emitter I swapped in. I thank you all very much and please keep the advice coming I’m sure I’ve still got more mistakes to come!

2.8A is way too much for RED xre/xpe/xpe2. don’t waste your time with the XRC. 1.4A will be the sweetspot for your HS-802/xpe2 combo. get a high bin xpe2 from mouser or mtnelectronics, mount it on a 16mm noctigon or sinkpad with a very thin layer of AS5, drive it at 1.4A and get the focus as close to perfect as possible and you will be putting out close to 20,000Cd, maybe a bit more.