I've NEVER had to use a lanyard...........

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The truth is always stranger than fiction. :open_mouth:

They can be helpful if you use your light to look over bridge or off high places.

If you spend any amount of time out on the water working [or playing], you will quickly come to appreciate a quality tether.

I’ve made a few …

I used to climb masts in the coast guard and we had to tie everything we carried to our belt with a lanyard before it turned into a missle on the way down from 400’. Can’t imagine what dropping a tk75 from that height would do

Yup, was out boating one night. Using a S2+ to see around the boat. Slipped out of my hand and ker-plunk. Watched my light on it’s journey to Davy Jones Locker. I tie them to a wrist lanyard now. Otherwise, I never use a clip or a lanyard

If I’m out on the water I use a decent floatable polymer type flash these days. Of course I keep the heavy duty S2+ kinda stuff on my body at all times. Ya know in case I need some extra lux or sumthing.

I was thinking of modifying the floater lights that I have butt to be honest they do a pretty good job as is. Same thing if I have to climb up high or have someone else do the climbing. I hand them a plastic flash. No 2D MagLites need apply - lanyarded or not. :laughing:

I see little practical common sense for example hiking up an extended ladder with a relatively heavy (metal) flash when a much lighter (and less potentially destructive/injurious) polymer flash is logically prudent. I understand the lanyard reasoning too. I just prefer to have nothing encumbering my hands or wrists when a speedy reaction may be needed like when climbing up rungs, stepping onto roofs, etc.

I tend to stick a flash in an open top holster in those instances and also lean toward a zoomie on flood as backup. ‘Course head lamps really ’shine’ in those situations too.

PS. I HIGHLY recommend these floaters. Were on sale at Costco recently for $12.97 for a 3-Pack INCLUDING the batts. Great for power outages too. I handed them out like Halloween candy during the recent 2-day power outage……“Here ya go and you can keep these.”

Unbelievable bargain actually. Better built than one would expect. Ignore the negative reviews.


Notta’s motto……“If it doesn’t float, not on a boat.” :sunglasses:

@norttawhackjob, you’ll want to use lanyards when you use a good one made of paracord.

It’s so good on my Haikelite MT09R that I’ve actually bought one for my Q8 1 week ago. Just have to wait now :slight_smile:

Same. Well, I haven’t been on a boat in a long time, but if I were, yeah, I’d absolutely have everything tied to me. HATE losing anything.

At least Davy enjoyed it. Peter, Mike, and Micky, too. (Singing “Porpoise Song”…)

I never use the lanyards, this box full is going in the bin one of these days.

I do use simple short lanyards for my EDC light, I make them from shoe laces. This one is a leather one.

Bought a few lights I see djozz, wow.

I like the paracord knotted ones. They also work well on knives. I don’t use them though, because I’m terrible at making them.

Lanyards sometimes get in the way. BUT A MUST!!! Key points to remember :

1. If you lose grip of flashlight then nothing restraining light from falling. Especially when on cliff, ocean bridge, lake, deep puddle, etc… no way to retrieve light.

2. Don’t loop lanyard into wrist. Rather loop lanyard palm up to thumb area. Controlling tail/side switch still possible without much interference.

3. Loop lanyard for heavier lights helps straining hands, wrists, etc…

4. Lanyard also helps hands from getting burned/overheated with the much higher output lights.

I love lanyards including paracord types too. For lights, knives and EDC stuffs. Most are personalized with vibrant colour beads…:slight_smile:

Lets see um

Most of your threads crack me up…three peckers on a bowling ball…what does that even mean? My dad used to say something like, “…hotter than a 2 peckered billygoat.” So, I use lanyards on most of my lights. I typically make my own out of paracord. I got into the habit of using a lanyard when carrying my S2 while running. Just feels more secure.