I've NEVER had to use a lanyard...........

Honestly I’ve tried to imagine myself using one over a well fitting belt holster. Can’t even begin to do it. IMO they’re about as useful as three peckers on a bowling ball.

Yet I inevitably get one with EVERY light ever purchased. I literally have a LARGE Glad Baggie dealie filled to the BRIM with the things.

I’ve got some really nice ones too. Nice paracord jobbies with Honda Quik-connects/disconnects. I mean I look at this big azz bag and wonder…….

“If only they gave me an option to get $1.00 to even just $.50 off each order to forgo getting one I’d prolly have saved $500.00 to date.”

I know these things must take sum poor schlubs indeterminable labor to assemble much less package the Tribble-like little bassturds. Imagine yourself doing this at work and getting paid. :open_mouth:

I’d even settle for a bin upgrade instead. Or extra o-rings. Or a tiny tube of thread grease. Or a used condom. I don’t care. Or……or…….or……….the other possibilities are practically infinite. ANYTHING BUTT ANOTHER GD LANYARD already.

Right now I’m trying to think of how I can put this mass of cordage, plastic, sliders, and defacto included whatknots, to some kind of Magyver worthy applications.

I can’t think of a dam one. Well, I did think of using them to make X’mas ornaments of the lights I have no desire to activate any longer butt then I realized it would take a 40’ x 12’ fir tree with 6” thick branches to accommodate the weight much less quantity.

Over and lanyarding out. :beer: :THUMBS-UP:

PS. Don’t even ask me to mail this bag out to sum guy/gal that claims they needs em’. First of all if you really need em’ that bad about the last thing I wanna do is correspond with ya. :))

PS#2. What triggered this latest rant was I just got another Zanflare F1 and of course it came with a pretty dam nice lanyard. In it went into the ever bulging bag. I think it’s at LEAST worth $1.00 as I haveta think there’s human level assembly required. IDK maybe they can make these knotted up things automatically? :???:

I don't usually use lanyards either, but some of my family members do, so I give them mine if they want them.

You could try selling them on eBay.

I'm sure someone would want them.

I feel the same way. I never use them, yet I find it pretty difficult to throw them away. Now that I think about it, it’s pissing me off. :person_facepalming:

I was 100 or so feet in the air on the side of a tower at dark thirty working on assorted stuff I could barely see and dropped my flashlight. Of course that was in the D cell days and the light had no lanyard. Long way down! Did that one time and made a hi tech lanyard from para cord and electrical tape! Now my only troubleshooting involves my wheelchair and the inverse square of my laziness. Oh by the way never needed the lanyard after I made it.

So this is your next crusade :smiley:

I don’t use the ones that comes with the lights I make my own.
The light on the left is the only one that hasn’t had a lanyard.

Just curious, watt do THEY do with the prolly hundreds of lanyards you’ve given them?

Wait, if it’s sumthing deviant like tying up wrists to bedposts I don’t wanna know - at least not on this forum. You can send me a private message however. Pics are ok too. :laughing:

I have a few lights I use them on. Don’t know if anyone else does it this way but the kids and wife like it when walking at night while out camping or something similar.

Ok butt you’ve already got clips on those flashes if I’m knot mistaken. Isn’t it like really enuff sh*t attached as is? I mean they aren’t M16’s or grenades. IDK. Pardon my observations. :laughing:

I've only given them a few.

They use them on flashlights that don't come with lanyards.

They like the large lanyards for hanging a flashlight around the neck.

Nothing kinky.

The lanyard probably costs pennies for the seller to include so I doubt there is any way we’d even see25 cents knocked off the price. I don’t usually use one either. but the light that stays in the car, the truck, and the ATV have a lanyard attached just in case I’m using one of those lights and want to have a safeguard against dropping the light if the ground is covered in wet mud, deep snow or horseshit or whatever. I used to use a lanyard on everything when I snorkeled or dived.

Lanyard’s R Us franchise?
“Get yer lanyards here, folks. We got young lanyards, old lanyards, blue lanyards, gold lanyards. Friends, lemme tell you, if you got a tool that you can’t keep ahold of, just give us a call. We’re pretty sure that we have a lanyard that’ll wrassle that little feller back to where he belongs.”

Ya know I watched Sea Hunt a lot as a kid. And that’s where even back then I knew that a lanyard while underwater is prolly a good idear. Butt above ground not so much. Too many things can snag a 500lb test paracord as you’re desperately running away from let’s say a pack of rabid raccoons in the city. :open_mouth:

Ha Ha Ha No raccoons on side of tower but grab a ladder rung at night where a blankety blank starling built a nest in the pitch dark and ……….

I use them all the time for extra security while out. I don’t want to drop lights in the water while fishing. I also added a lanyard to my phone it stop it slipping out of my hand.

Clips are for keeping them in place in my pocket. Short lanyards are for pulling light out of pocket. Notice they all have deeper carry clips. Once out of my pocket a finger goes into the loop.

I like your observations. There very entertaining :smiley:

Ok you make a good observation about my observations and am now observing how and why you use them lanyards I can now see why you use them and have also observed that they’re modified shorties if my observations are korrect. :student:

I like it. Might try this next time I go camping. Looks like a decent way to hang a light to face a certain direction.

Observe on nottawackjob………observe on

Ya know that’s knot too shabby butt watt wood even be less shabby is if they putt the ring in the center of the tail cap so that if you hung a light from a branch pointing straight down the thing would at least hang straight down too instead of having it cocked off to the side.

If this doesn’t make sense try hanging a flash so that it shines evenly down and knot kattywompiss with said lanyard riding off the side ring they give ya.

PS. Actually I think Todd’s idear is the BEST use of a lanyard I’ve ever seen. I mean pointing the light in a certain direction idear. :+1: :student: :beer:

The best I can do with a finger lanyard and clip. Not much of a loop to hang onto anything.

Yeah butt Chad that’s purty dam smart there. I like it.

Ok. I’m keeping that fat ever bulging bag full of lanyards becuz of Todd and Chad. :student:

PS. Now watch a bunch of flash nuts right now are globally prolly digging into their fat bulging bag of lanyards fiddle farting around with them cuz of these two lanyard wizards. :laughing: