Has anybody seen this addition to Lumintop’s lineup? I have a couple IYP365 lights and they are fantastic (not to mention the very lovely ti tool AAA). To me, this looks like a great option for a little extra oomph compared to their AAA lineup. I don’t see it for sale on their Amazon store, though. Any ideas when its going to be available?

The last information I saw on it said it has the M-L-H mode order AND mode memory. Seems pretty stupid honestly. The MLH mode order seemed to be created because they thought medium is the most useful mode. With mode memory there’s no reason to start at medium since the user can decide which mode to leave the light in.

If they just HAVE to include mode memory the modes should be L-M-H.

If it were L-M-H without memory I’d buy it for sure.

If it were L-M-H with memory I’d probably buy it

But lumintop seems to have trouble creating a decent UI without someone from BLF holding their hand.

Dang that’s too bad. Really liked the original Ui. Hope they don’t ruin it woth memory.

Also the specs say no turbo on nimh. So turbo on alkaline only, and auto stepdown after 1 minute. They really made a stupid driver for the IYP25 and the Tool 25. It seems like they share the same driver. Not much modding potential, even if it’s a normal sized driver, and even if it’s not glued and nearly impossible to open, there really aren’t many options for a 2aa boost driver.