Jacob A60 Current?

Is this the right current draw for my A60?

Jacob A60

Xtar 3100mAh , INT-OUTDOOR.C0M 3400mAh

Low 33 , 37


High 1.45 , 1.62

This is the current draws from my other lights.

ShinningBeam Blaze

Xtar 3100mAh , INT-OUTDOOR.C0M 3400mAhb

Low 03

Medium 59 , 70

High 1.33 , 1.66

Stobe 43

XinTd C8 V3

Xtar 3100mAh , INT-OUTDOOR.C0M 3400mAh

Low 08 , 11

Medium 59 , 70

High 2.05 , 2.54

What battery would give me the highest amp draw?

First of all the Jacob is an XR-E emitter and you can't directly compare current draws to XM-L lights. Secondly the XM-L lights cues current regulated drivers while the Jacob is direct drive on high. For a Jacob (and XinTD, not sure on Blaze) your numbers are a little low, but I would next question your meter and most importantly the thickness and quality of your test leads. Try using thicker gauge wire stuck into your meter sockets (like 14ga or 12ga speaker wire). I bet you'll see your numbers rise. Also, only measure on a fully charged cell. My Jacob pulls 2.35A on high on a quality cell. Your cells are very good.