I came across the UranusFire :smiley: UR 816 at DX HERE, and although the tube diameter is larger due to accepting 26650s, it has a larger reflector. Sucks that it’s still expensive for something I would just gut, but it looks like it might make a good host. I can’t really find much about it anywhere, but it seems to have a fairly sizable reflector. Using a spacer, 18650s are usable too.

Isn't that a HD2010 clone?

Yup. …slowly slipping back onto the sidelines now….

(I thought I read someone’s post thinking there wasn’t an HD available anymore. I’ll have to go back through and read again.)

Came across this one, $10, 54mm head diameter, XR-E and plastic reflector, that sounded nostalgic enough to post it here ;-)

On alibaba it is sold under the Cofly brand.

great find, I may have to order a few of these

Looks interesting.
Dont like that side switch and charging port though, more things to fail and harder to repair or mod.

Still tempting to get for 9.99$, perhaps it will throw as good as original A60?

Anyway, bought one, looks like n10sivern never reported back as to how good or bad this light is!

Old favorite.

Interesting :slight_smile:

And to my surprise it seems that taobao have added functions for international shipping……maybe, i am running it through chromes auto translate feature so it is a little unconclusive, on exactly what kind of shipping options there are. But i am certain i have never seen other countries than china as shipping destinations before.
But how does the payment work nowadays on taobao? Do you still have to use an Chinese address to register an account?

Freeme, have you ordered from there?

Not a fan of A60 myself. Perhaps someone could drop #fasttech a PM for them to stock up?

Yeah that last one looks like the real deal

That's it. But impossible to order from them. Or maybe it is but I am to stupid?

You can always use a taobao agent if you can’t figure out how to order straight from taobao, or can’t get in contact with the seller to work out a deal.

But it is a lot of extra fees when shopping through an agent so i don’t do that anymore.

It would cost me around $14 to import this box set (don't ask how I do it ). Get a vendor to request for flashlight only option in order to lower the price back to ~$9.

How do you do it?

When will you be able to start shipping? :slight_smile:

I asked if GB can source this light :D!

My FT page keeps on freezing so someone else should request them ;)!

GB replied that the manufacturer is hard to work with and constantly ignores communication so wont be happening.

What a shame