I made a ticket with Fasttech and sent PM to Banggood, lets see what they reply is.

You could try to contact DX also, they used to sell them :slight_smile:

Dont like DX, someone else could do it :D!

BTW, Neal from BG replied and said he will look into it and see what reply he gets ;)!

Also, when he mentioned that this light looks to be M3XS-UT and yes, it seems like A60 is scaled down clone of that light :D!

No, it is Olight who cloned and made a high end version in the M3XS-UT & M2UT with a bigger reflector of the A60 :wink:

The Jacob A60 has been around for years, and is itself a clone of another light i can’t remember the name of right now.

What we really need is a chines budget manufacturer who will take the M3XS-UT & M2UT and clone them with the XP-L HI and the same size reflector, but just overall crappier quality and third of the price in the range of 20-30$.

I would happily trade some ano quality and fit and finish + a worse driver for a good host light with the M2UT sized reflector, or even larger reflector :wink:

Olight have showed there is a market for the expensive version, and now we need the budget version.

I see about Olight!

Heres the threads then, for GB budget thrower:

Get Convoy L2?

A60 is a clone of Tiablo A10g which was super thrower somewhere at 2008 with xre R2 and 30kcd :)

Yeah i know about that thread but so far nothing have come of it :frowning:

Our best bet is maybe if Manker decides to get in to the big reflector game, and we can use that good quality reflector in a BLF big head Manker produced light, sort of how the nice reflector the X5 will be using came to be in the Manker T01.

With a BLF designed driver and a A6 or X6 speced tube plus a big reflector it would do big numbers just like other BLF GB lights.

Some BLF member extroverted & diplomatic enough needs to start pulling strings for that to happen though.

Until then i really like the Yezl Y3 for a very similar already available light in the 26650 size, light weight and surprisingly good quality for what you pay for them, of course underdriven and without a dedomed led though, but that is what modding is for :wink:

Yeah, it already costs bit more than 30$ and given the feedback that Simon has received from BLF in regards to its desing and future upgrades one could easily call L2 BLF budget thrower :D!

But 10-15$ thrower than can throw as good or even out throw stock A60 would be great ;)!

I have a Tiablo A10G, and while it’s similar to the A60, I think that the A10G is “larger” than the A60 (it’s been quite awhile since I’ve handled either of them though).

Well it can't be 1 on 1 copy cause TA10G is super quality flashlight.

I like where this discussion is going, thanks veer

No problem, its just few messages, the rest will happen on its own and its not like somebody has given any actualy promises to stock this light :D!

Unfortuinately L2 would never replace Jacob and the reason is simple, its hella chunky host, with the battery and other hardware it weights over 600grams - its either inconvinient for gun mounting, pocket and hard to carry too

Y3 is a good candidate and i order those alot

There is another unknown to BLF 20$ worth 60mm head 18650 based Jacob A60 replacement and the tracking says its in the PO, will keep you updated

Agree on the Convoy L2, it is way to heavy.

I am so curious on your new find :slight_smile: 20$ is even lower than the Y3 on sale, looking forward to your reveal and assessment on it.

Well…. what can i say, just got it…i was quite sceptical when i ordered it cause i already bought tens of dozens shits but it one completed my expectations at 200%( at least)

What do we have:

- A flashlight capable of working with one or 2 18650s

- 47 mm AL SMO reflector with a quality way beyond Jacob

- A solid Al removable pill( could take 20mm MCPCB), the driver is 2x mm at first look

  • great cooling capabilities

We have a potential great host for modding folks!
And it costs 21$

P.S it comes with an original XML2 btw , the build in driver sux though

Sounds and looks great, what is the source? Only not-perfect feature: driver is not 17mm.

Yeah, where :D?!

Ive ordered that A60 looking light with different switch and styling from Geekbuying, they have not shipped it yet and Im also looking to get L2 and Brinyte zoomer from group buy, but another thrower to play with would be great :D!

Things used to be better, three years ago I bought this flashlight for 18 dollar at dx, still have it, it has a great 49mm smooth aluminium reflector (just the 'coffee' colour )


I had similar lights in the past and although better build than jacob it won't out throw it. They are also quite heavier than a60.