The weight with the battery is 190 grams, Samsung 25r

Its nearly as heavy as Convoy C8, the reflector is 49mm, inner effective reflector diamether is 47mm, the hotspot:

Great hotspot i may say

By default it runs at 1.6 amps with a single battery, and it have 26 000 mcds

Stay turned( teased) :wink:

Quality looks great in the pics Mitko, love the styling

Although I have a few A60s and always looking for the ultimate throw 50/53mm reflector. The best I have found is Kaidomain below but it is not a drop in as lathe work is required for fitting to most hosts.

I have this on order to test but it to will need lathe work/ modification for most hosts.

Interesting Mitko :),

I look forward to see what you will get out of it when you modded it.

I like the weight, styling & hotspot. - the big driver and twice the price of the A60.

So where did you get it from?

26 000 milion candelas would be quite enough to reach the Moon :)

26000 kcd with classic XML driven at 1.6A is good.

Jacob stock flashlight does 50- 60 000 cd with XRE EZ1000 driven at 2,2A. With classic XML driven at same mentioned current Jacob would have aprox 40% less throw so it would throw around 35000cd at 2,2 A.

If it would be run on 1.6A driver add another 15 20% drop and it would be 28000 cd

So yes you have good flashlight but I don't think it will outthrow Jacob A60. They will be very close. Jacob is capable of more than 250 000 candela with XP-G2 S4 FET driver.


Jacob A60 biggest secret is very thin plastic reflector with large ID and very thin OD and with great depth so it can be placed in very small flashlight housing.

Aluminum reflectors that have Jacobs size ID have much thicker OD and they are much heavier, and they have to be build in larger flashlight housings.

Look this picture for example... Who would say that Jacob has same or even greater ID of reflector than Tiablo A10? And same or even better depth? :) Look at the size.

There are no reflector lights like JacobA60. I tried to find it but is hopeless search :)

Gag Me! Giving legendary status to the no longer in production A60 over your naive idea that an aluminum reflector can’t be made to a wall thickness of 1.5mm…the only thin area of this reflector is the bottom just like any aluminum reflector. Pull the head off of an A60 and look at all the dead space between the housing and the reflector and it will be obvious the your above remarks are pure poppy cock.
BTW internal reflector dimentions of the A60 are 45mm diameter X 45mm depth.

Well, since i had tons of family work last night i wasnt able to detail tune it, maybe friday, but my primary test shows it have a great potential, especialy for the quality/price

The oxidation is good, the driver seems to be 21mm( IOS 21 to 17mm brass converters are great though), the glass is good, the reflector is good

Here, enjoy

Its the best Jacob looking flashlight i was able to find …in spite of i never liked alot Jacob for its reflector quality and the weight


Didnt knew US have camels though :bigsmile:

Will I am sorry but you obviously have no clue what you talking about

You making me angry talking facts you don't have any clue...

You are naive...

Jacob A60 reflector dimensions are:

50.4mm OD of reflector, and real usable diameter(cup)or ID is 48mm, and 45mm depth.

Jacob outer dimensions are: 55mm head, 170mm lenght

So freaking yes... You will never find reflector flashlight in this dimensions that can throw so much. And freaking yes... Jacob A60 is legend and it will stay that way until it raises again.

Ordered one, very good price! I'm curious how it compares to the Trustfire X9 that I had before, I found the X9 too bulky and the reflector was mediocre.

(edit: thanks Mitko for the XP-E2's, and the present, I reckon it is a 9V CXA1304 in 9V 3000K? I'm thinking hard about a purpose for that :-) )

Yeah i think thats it good enough for the price, but lets see it moded ythose days

For you Djozz and the others who will buy it, i spoke with the seller and he promiced that for the BLF members he will ship items with HK post, just leave him a message, otherwise he uses CN post( RK tracking) and its hella slowly, i had to wait for this flashlight for 1.5 months

Djozz, for the COB, yes it 1304, real starts are 2850k, the lowest chroma shift possible, measured CRI 97, measured R9 is 82( the highest that i have seen in real)
The emitters bin
Purpose? Hehe, here an idea for you:

I use alot of those in my home( cause they are realy gosu), and this particular led idea is working 24/7 and the wifey likes it alot, as for the el. bill it consumes only 50 eurocents monthly :wink:

Lol you guys are fighting over flashlight reflector dimensions. … why don’t u juz take a few pics with a vernier?

wow, that COB is the 97CRI version, nice! Still thinking about a floody flashlight to use it in, or a lantern .

For the flashlight, I'm alright with CN post as long as it eventually arrives. :-)

No rush on the modding Mitko we are not going anywhere :wink: :smiley:

I like that it has an dual cell extension tube to bad the stock driver is so severely underdriven, it would make an good combo with Richards high amp buck driver, to bad we can’t run that driver with a single cell with lower performance…….or at least i don’t think it works like that.

I noticed they claimed they used a copper spring :slight_smile: nice, but why on a 1.6A driver…… :~
I am not sure they understand the point of a low resistance spring.

Got it from Geekbuying, came packed well.
Non mobile link;
With an LG HE2 I was able to coax 2.12 amps at tailcap.
It has that screwy mechanical side switch with fixed brass looking buttons on both sides of the switch, pill is pressed in, have not pulled it nor have I jumped the driver spring yet. Maybe tomorrow.

The bad news is the reflector is different, the floor of the LED area is smaller. So it ends up with an even smaller hot spot than the Jacob A60. It is plastic same as A60.
They will not interchange in stock form either.
Glass is much clearer on this one so that is good. Tint is whiter than the average A60 but not horrible.
Fit and finish are acceptable, not bad not great.

I tested it on the deck against an average A60 and the Jacob has more output at 800ft.

If you sign up for email specials you can get 5% off first order.
For $9.50 not the end of the world but was hoping like everyone that it was the A60 in different clothing.
I may end up putting an old T6 in it to fatten up the beam and use it for general backyard use.

Neither of us will accept either of our pics as the other will claim trickery as in Photoshop or uncalibrated measurements. So Mr Wrathbinger could you please do us the honor of posting photos and while you are measuring the reflector. Be sure to measure the actual usable inside at where the radius ends on the inside which is the actual useable reflector interior surface. And please take a side profile photo to show the reflector lip as we both agree on the 50.4mm lip outside diameter as to show that is is impossible for this reflector to have a 48mm inside usable reflector diameter.

I got mine in and it is really nice. Nice deep reflector, good hotspot, best thing is that it is really lightweight but with very good cooling.

The worst thing is that the driver is pressed in behind a bended ridge of the pill, in a manufacturing point very well done (good electric contact) but not so good for replacing it (will get it done though )

The switch is branded Omten and the construction is not bad, but I would replace it with a standard switch-with-board with spring bypass, the aluminium piece will have to be be sanded down for that.

The led centering thing forms an annoyingly high collar around the led, and removing the collar (I did that already on the 'exploded' picture above) does not even make the beam look worse, hotspot is still nice.

Yeah its good, i got nearly 160k cds out of mine with XML U3 and a fet driver, its exacly a budget M2X but ligher- the cooling is better than M2x though

Yeah that driver press-fit is an issue but not that big one

where did you get yours at?

Ali of course, i got actualy 3 of those, my third came with not that good reflector but i polished it( this weekend) and it came out even better…its a good flashlight btw,exacly what we missed, 50mm reflector, 1 or 2 battery option and a nice price, i hope they wont damage it ….i prefer it as a host but it wont happen anyway

Thank you.