Japan Quake

Looks like a big one ...

I've been watching the news for the past hour now. All channels here are showing this because Hawaii will be getting hit with a tsunami in a few hours. We just don't know how big it will be. Hilo will get hit at around 3:20am which is about 6 hours from now. I live 10 minutes away from the beach but am up the mountain so we will be just fine. Hopefully all the beach front owners are smart enough to evacuate but some people are just stubborn or just plain stupid.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people affected in Japan.

Hope everything ok with you and people of Hawaii also Japan

Beware of TSUNAMI. it's not only for Hawaii, Chili, Californir.

M8.4 was nealy Smatora Quake. luckily I'm ok, but >10m TSUNAMI invaded >1km from seashore... the self diffence forces were called.

some international air/seaport are also damaged.

The news footage from Japan shows whole towns and villages being wiped out. Cars were pulling over on roads to see what was going on and in minutes were gone. Total devastation....

Tsunami sirens are going off all over town and emergency alerts on all tv channels and radio stations. Deafening!

Fishinfool: are you safe on your place?

Our house is only about 3 meters above sea level and 200 meters away from the beach. Our coast is facing south, I hope we don't need to leave. I fear there is not enough space in our car for all our dogs and cats. However, the next mountain top is just 2 minutes away and it's high enough. They now evacuate the areas in danger at the coast facing north.

There's earthquake everywhere, disasters...all leads to the supermoon on the 19th isn't it

my mom and step dad are in Bali for a wedding..I can't contact them, but hopefully the tsunami doesn't reach them..my thoughts are with everyone affected..

Isn't the first wave supposed to be hitting right NOW?

I have been watching this stream, not really sure what it is showing.


What a shame. Our thoughts are with everyone in the affected zones.

Fishinfool, hold on tight! And please stay out of harm's way.

And Causeless: What is it like there in Tokyo? Is there very much structural damage in Tokyo? I heard that there is major chaos in Tokyo and a possible blackout tonight. But are there casualties and major damage in Tokyo or just on the coast?

Take care, everyone.

Howly %@#& :O Just saw some TV News videos :O What a disaster!!! Hope you're all OK, guyz.

Just woke up here in Canada to hear about this. Wow, what devastation :( Its amazing how helpless you can feel when something so devastating at such a large scale occurs. Thoughts and prayers for anyone affected!

Oldinea and Fishinfool: keep us informed if you are OK.

In Tokyo and the west of Japan, sadly a few misfortune causalities were there, but not so much serious. Infrastructures (except telephone, maybe) will be recovered tomorrow.

the causalities from Tsunami are at-least 300 and still increasing. Tsunami and related city-fire are still hitting the east coast again and again.

Do not forget Tsunami is not a wave!


I'm fine guys.....thanks for checking. There's lots of damage here but no casualties. Most of the damage is to harbors and boats, some houses and businesses and roadways. Luckily Norm took his boat to his house so it avoided being destroyed. I've been watching the local news and people that left their boats tied up in harbors are going to wake up to destyoyed and sunken boats.

Japan has been devastated the most. A lot of Hawaiians have family ties in Japan.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Japan and everyone affected.

Glad to hear of safety in Hawaii! Wow I still cannot wrap my head around the devastation and even what will happen to economy with this. Lots of praying to do here! Alot of the time I take for granted the safety and comfort level we have here in central Canada.

Nothing happened here. My thoughts are with the victimes. I was stunned, when I saw the pictures.

It is tragedy, I hope the worst is past and tomorrow will be better for all these people.

- Some 3,000 residents living near a nuclear plant in Fukushima evacuated after warning of a radiation leak.
- A nuclear safety panel says radiation levels are 1000 times above normal in a reactor control room.
- Tokyo Electric Power has lost its ability to control pressure in some of the reactors of a second nuclear power plant.

Hmmm , ok ! This could be worse !