Japanese flashlight anyone? GENTOS EZ-031B

The EZ-031B from Gentos is a AA flashlight utilizing a 5mm led and orange peel reflector. It uses a forward clicky tailcap switch enabling for momentary on.
Operation is a simple on/off. For a 9$ flashlight, the build quality is very good with smooth aluminum machining, matte finish, and surprisingly very smooth thread.
With a single AA battery, it can run for more than 10 hours of non regulated light. Maybe 3 hours of 30 lumens, and at 10 hours it will be around 1-3 lumens.
Minus point for purplish tint and a flimsy pocket clip.
Judging with this model, most likely it won’t be my last Gentos flashlight. :+1:

not bad…

What is this?

I can’t unscrew the head, that’s the head battery contact

there’s no emoji for this

Interestingly, that is the Batt+ contact from a Streamlight ProTac EMS flashlight. The distinctive ‘ECG heartbeat’ design of the battery contact was in keeping with the marketing of the light as a torch designed for EMS responders. The slight gold glimmer you see around the edge of the driver pill is a copper wave spring washer. I’d imagine this light uses the same light engine as the Streamlight, albeit with a 5mm LED instead of the XR-E used in the original.