Jaxman E2 mod question

Was admiring these beauties and a question popped up (this is the place to ask )

Can someone please take a minute to list the compatibilities and incompatibilities of the components of the Jaxman E2 and the Convoy S2+ (if any)

(This might qualify me as an acceptable member of the BLF ) --> I was comparing the colours rendered by a >5000K 219B and the 4000K 219B in my E2 by alternately illuminating garden flowers at 01:30am this morning. I find one too cool and the other too warm. I know... fussy right. so started thinking about modding the E2 with a 4500K 219B, maybe a triple if that's available.


I can see from the BLF thread that the tubes and threads do lego, but its the driver, heatsink and LED platform that I'm wondering about.

Pill is similar to S2+:

Thanks !

Your photo has given me an idea (trawling google images for photos of S2+ parts - should be plenty)

I want to make a short triple S2+/E2 with a 18500 tube and a 18650 battery.
The question is, which head between S2+ and E2 has the more threads ?
I want the threads to go as close as possible of the bezel.

I have questions too…

Also, if we were to do a mod like

to E2,
would it work well?

Which tail assembly is more compact? Would it make sense to mix S2+ head with E2 tail or E2 head with S2+ tail?