JAXMAN E21 21700 straight cylinder flashlight multi LED type with quick release clip

All words are in the pictures:

we will send a TSL 21700 battery with flashlight, free.
Our strore:https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32608205188.html?spm=5261.ProductManageOnline.0.0.4a904edfMvQRfj

Looks nice :+1: Is anything glued?

Looks like sp35. I like it.

I’m always a Jaxman fan. Still have my Fingear i2 in the mail.

I’ll add this to the list.

It seems that JAXMAN lights= Glued……

This E21 has no any guled parts in assembling. Though, I’m realy want glue the MCPCB on the flat face of the host.

While, the head ring(stainless steel) is mountained with a special tool. The tool has a bigger moment of force. So I think you cant unscrewing it only by hand, or a rubber pat. All is for solid, safe, and sealing.


Host without battery? :slight_smile:

Users here ask about glue with all manufacturers. Sofirn, Lumintop, Wuben, etc. Not just Jaxman. The folks here like to take stuff apart. That’s why we ask.

There are a lot of different emitter preferences among users here, so naturally people want to know if they can take it apart and swap it themselves.

Jaxman has great designs that aren’t sold as hosts. So the only option is to buy the complete light and mod it.

oh. I see.
while there is a small problem about the assembling of our host.
To get a precise assembling, some parts need bigger moment of force to fit well. we have special tools to resove it.

for example, our steel bezel have 2pcs O rings, and precise size. the screwing of the bezel need a tool. Not a rubber mat like mousepad, or silcon rubber mat.

Some things may hard to discribe well, my pool English.

Jaxman is a great brand.
I have dropped my jaxman many times on concrete and it never broke.
Some other blf popular brands will break the first time.

Got mine with SST-40 :slight_smile:

First thoughts:

  • the led is quite green (or glass makes it looks like that…)
  • there are low, high, high modes. Difference between 1.3A and 2.6A is not big. I’d prefer much lower mid mode.
  • it does not tail stand
  • it does not accept wider unprotected cells, e.g. black shockli 4000mAh 20A/30A
  • it’s couple mm taller than convoy S21B
  • springs in head and tail don’t look like high current ones
  • 2 click to turbo is nice
  • it doesn’t have PWM or at least I cannot detect it
  • IMO, looks great
  • anodizing and machining is great (better than X2)
  • it’s my only 21700 light with decent pocket clip
  • and it has modding potential :slight_smile:

Bezel can be opened with some tools:

Now I have to think how to mod it :slight_smile:

I really love Jaxman E2 and this new E21 sounds like a potential first 21700 light for me, more specifically the even newer E21 Triple with Nichia 219C.
Initially I considered getting the E21 but was a bit disappointed by the emitter options, I was hoping for something like some Samsung LH351D and also the driver spacing isn’t really suited for my use, so I had to put that on hold. Another issue is the tube inner diameter that limits battery choices.

The new E21 Triple has the output I want but is still limited by the driver spacing unfortunately.

The driver is probably swappable. I imagine it’s a 20 or 22mm driver…Does anyone know for sure?

I imagine it is, but I would much rather not have to mod it if it had a well spaced driver from the get go. Plus it would make the final light more expensive, thus making it a harder buying proposition.