Jaxman E2L Video Review (Cree XP-G2 Triple)

I decided to make a video review since I couldn’t find any other english video reviews on YouTube.

The warm white tint is very nice, kind of rosy, no hint of yellow or green whatsoever. There’s some color fringing on the edge, as is to be expected with CREE LEDs, but not too bad.


Nice video review cmflippen !

Nice review.

This will be a must have after they release nichia version later 2017.

What do you think about this if you compare it to OP reflector S2+ ? In terms of intensity and flood?

I was told that efficiency increases with counts of emitters. Does this mean we can expect more lumens compared to 1 emitter and single cell 18650 powered lamps?

Also how is the quality of tir lens? I think it is not very good given that they are not glass.

Thank you, Yokiamy!

Thanks, fuzun!

I’ve never used the stock reflector in a S2, so I can’t compare. The only S2 I’ve used was a triple Nichia 219c, which had a very similar beam to this one.

You’re right about efficiency increasing with more emitters. The driver in this light runs at only 2.1amps, yet still gives around 900 lumens, a single XP-G2 at 2.1amps would give you just over 500 lumens based on the graphs I’ve seen. With a more powerful driver this light would be very bright, and there’s enough cooling performance to comfortably increase the current at least 3x.

The TIR lens is a genuine Carclo optic made in the Czech Republic, the quality seems good to me. The AR glass lens that covers the optic seems to be nice quality as well.

Stock Convoy S2 with OP reflector: Convoy S2+ stock OP - Album on Imgur

My Jaxman E2L when it was stock: Jaxman E2L Warm White Stock - Album on Imgur

Flipping between both pictures the overall area lit is close to the same at 10 meters, but the OP reflector offers a much tighter hotspot with dropoff while the E2L is very even.
I have a frosted narrow optic in my E2L now and it’s very nice for illuminating a large area within close-proximity.

As cmflippen said the carclo optics are quite good. If you search around you can find very detailed specs from the manufacture as well as their efficacy.

How high it is to change or mod the driver board, i heard that they use some kind of glue
(Sorry, i didnt watch a video)

Jaxman uses a glue on their lights to keep people from tampering and trying to claim it arrived broken. The board on my E2L wasn’t too bad to swap it was my first mod actually. The retaining ring had a bit of glue on it and so did the wires. If you’re interested in modding immediately you could just buy a host that is empty then buy what you wanna put in.

I think i will just change the driver board, and do spring bypass, i wont touch the LED part
Maybe amc7135*8 or DD driver

Interested in finding out the OD of the O-ring lands anybody with one of these have some calipers?

Just measured. Where the O-ring sits is almost exactly 20mm on both front and rear of battery tube. The O-rings themselves are 17.5mm with a thickness of 1.5mm. (I measured the spares that came with the light)

Nice video review.

You just convinced me to buy a Jaxman.


My biggest peeve. Not knocking peoples native language, BUT.

As you mentioned, there are a LOT of reviews out there. They are of no use to me if they are not English. I won't speak for others, but that kills any chance of my buying what's reviewed, immediately.

The E2L legos with my S2+ so I’d figure the o-rings are similar.