Jaxman X1s series are ready to sell

Ah ok, thanks! I had VERY high hopes for this light. 1 amp is not enough.

Other reputable manufacturers use higher amps and the lights work great.

I guess my search for a big 1 cell XHP35 thrower continues. I know the U21 exists, but I’ve read about issues with it. The zebralight sc600 HI made me fall in love with xhp35’s.

GearBest has one that I like very much and it will throw and it’s single cell 26650 called the UTorch UT02 and it is I think a Manker product.
Has that breathing LED stuff, but it ’s a great small thrower, I have three of them and if you find a code for it then it can be had for fairly cheap.

About this new X1S, I’ve just got done sending message replies to the owner of Jax was asking me lots of questions and suspect a bit nervous and yes there are some things that are going to be worked out,
I’ve told him I have ran this light with an extension and it then put out a lot better than in single cell mode, but my question to the owner was that if it can put out like this in two cell mode then what is this boost driver boosting in single cell mode.

Look at this light and think work in progress and keep checking or buy the older version of the X1 which I believe is a fantastic light and a bit smaller than this new one, I posted some pics somewhere here of this new X1S and it’s nice looking even though I’m not in for the SS bezel at all and please keep checking back for this light, it will all iron out and it will be a great light in the end game
Take care

Awesome! I’m going to hold out and keep checking for updates.

Now once again, I’m excited! I’m really hoping this light doesn’t have the driver as it’s bottleneck.

How’s that three finned tailcap? Does it feel strange to rest your thumb on it?

Well re: driver… could be, I’m at Alie and answering a message to owner now, I mentioned a solution but he is the final word.
The light improved and worked with two cells and extension as it should with a single cell out of the box, I am a long ways from figuring out what is actually wrong with it besides just under powered, I question the boost in this driver, what is it boosting.?
I have to rebuild mine without a doubt, I have the very first version of this new X1 and it has some issues but nothing that can’t be easily solved.
The three legged switch is great and it also has one leg that he planned as a two hole and then the other two legs are each one oblong hole, but comparing it to the old version 2 leg tail cap this new one tail stands like a champ really nice.

I’ve been loking at the driver and I think it’s a modified H2-C, looks like the sense resistors are not the stock ones. (R050 instead of R100). My question is, Do you know how many Amps are driven to the LED?

I think he has it at 1 amp which should be to low, but do recall him mentioning worries about safety and a normal user, not sure if I followed him correctly, but interesting that you mention that particular driver because I thought the same thing but was no way sure of this, but had been following this thread, Buck and Boost Drivers, Testing, Modding, and Discussion (Pic Heavy) and it was sure ringing a bell with this light in particular, there’s some good info on that thread re: the KD drivers and resistor mods and so I’m with you on your thoughts here.

That does look like the H2-C driver. The H2-C comes with 2 R100s stacked, so equivalent to one R050. Stock it outputs 1.4A.

Thanks Easy, going back over to that thread I linked up one here, I see now, I didn’t know what two stacked R100’s equal out to, but now I see it in the list 4 pic block down or so, Thanks, explains also why the designer of this light said it’s at 1A, after step down from 150% I guess, sure haven’t noticed any step down so must be very subtle, Thanks again, gets me a bit closer to figuring out what I’m trying to figure out… haha

I cant plug one word even…………

Sure you can Paul, what word you need to “Plug”…?
You know we all love you Mr Paul Jaxman… ha ha ha

Your friend

I need to come get a new X1S and a old version X1 also, plus X1S with XHP50.2 with smooth reflector, I think, maybe tomorrow,

hope you can like it!

So I know this jaxman X1s use 26mm x 65 mm 26650… can I use liitokola 26.5mm x 65.5 mm ??? Thanks.

Yes, shouldn’t have any problem, just to be sure I just put in a EVVA 4000mAh protected and works fine, I know Jax says protected don’t fit or work but they do.

Edit: Sorry I know there’s a difference between EVVA and the Liitokola so put one of those in as well and fits great.

hi,see this: :slight_smile:

Very good info… thanks jaxman.

Jaxman, have you guys tried putting the xhp50.2 in the smo thrower reflector?
It should be a decent thrower with high output.

SEE THE 245m throw :smiley:

Is that version available for purchase?

hi, who says xhp50.2 is more powerful on flux than xhp50?
A mis-understanding. As I know,the xhp50.2 is not powerful at flux than xhp50. It has not a cross in core,xhp50 has.only this is their diffence.

The XHP50 on my hand is K2 glass. but I can not get K2 xhp50.2. All xhp50.2 in my hand are J4 class.


We surely can make a customer ordered for you.
no problem. smooth reflector+xhp50.2