Jaxman Z1 XHP50 version has a shorter size now.

Now we found a 26350 battery supplier, so we can fit 2 pcs 26350 batteries for a xhp50 Z1 flashlight.

The 26350 batteries is really good on capacity. >2000mAH. And now we can send flashlights with batteries via AE logistics service.

Link for the 26350 battery and shorter Z1.

Could you sell batteries alone?

now do a Z1 with long tube 4x 26350 and XHP35(hi) :smiley:

hi friend, the pure battery package is some hard to deal with ,and I now can send battery to only few counties, not all.


Thanks for the answer.
It’s sad as now the only trustworthy supplier of 26350 batteries is MTN Electronics - and its international shipping costs are quite high.

Where you are?
I can send batteries to some place, but not the worldwide.


Where you are?
I can send batteries to some place, but not the worldwide.


I guess aliexpress doesn’t allow to offer shipping to only selected countries?
I don’t need those batteries at the moment. I just like to expand possibilities for me and for others.
Nevertheless, thank you for your offer. :slight_smile:

Ślōnsk is Poland

Paul, maybe give a list of countries you can ship to?

Nope. Part in is Poland, part in the Czech Republic, some count a part of Germany too. But I am in Poland.

I have an Z1 xhp50 already on the way , it could be really interesting to make a small comparison with the xhp50.2 model . I think i have a spare xhp50.2 , might try it …

hi, the only battery package shipping is prohibited in Aliexpress standard logistics service. while Ali can ship flashlight with battery as a whole product.

I have found some way to ship batteries, but it is not Ali’s. and the way I found cant ship batteries to everywhere of the world. Only some place as I showed in battery links.

I dont know wether I have expressed the battery shipping clearly.

Good wishes

Miller, I have to say: the before Z1 flashlight maybe not support 2 26350 batteris. The tube is some short……Now I have enlong it 4mm.

So now the on sale Z1 flashlight can support 2 26350 very well.

Normally speaking,I can ship batteries to below countries:

really fantastic….
I hope China also is so as your place…

Only me thinks it’s crazy that Sweden post register air mail doesn’t ship to Sweden?
How does that work?

Now we can ship 2 26350 batteries with a Z1 flashlight.

Do you sell a 26650 tube? Can your 2x 26350 light support a extension tube 2x 26650 light?

hi the on sale Z1 supports 2pcs batteries:

1,2pcs 26650, needs a extention tube;
2, 2pcs 26350, need not extention tube.

cant supports:

2 more 26650 or 26350;
2pcs 26650+1pcs 26350 or 2pcs 26350+1pcs 26650

hope you can understand me.

happy day!

Does the XHP50.2 z1 come with a extension tube for 2 26650 batteries?