JB Weld on expensive build w/pics

Hey guys I’m working on a nice and pricy build lol and I need a threaded adaptor made but it will set me back a lot $$$$

would jb weld do just fine or would that not be quality work going that direction ??

just wondering how many use it also

I use the hell out of JB weld.

but, for what you are seeking to make, devcon aluminum putty is a superior product. unfortunately, it is also about 3x as expensive (vs the ebay price on 10oz jb weld kit).

WoW expensive I can have the adaptor made for that much, I don’t mind using jb weld but I don’t want it to fall apart if dropped

It really depends, I have used JBWeld on builds for myself, but if you're building ti for someone else than a adapter may be the way to go.

Yeah, not cheap - but I imagine you’d have quite a bit left over. It lasts forever, though after stored a very long time you will want to warm (I put the container in hot water) and then stir.

The hard part w/ jb weld is getting the time and temperature right so that it doesn’t run/droop.

One alternative is to add powdered metal. I’ve found aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel and copper online.

Actually, you can end up w/ a product that is very similar to devcon - the difficulty is adding enough metal but still mixing to uniformity.

I suggest experimenting to find the right amount, then adding half of that to each jb weld component for mixing final product.

weigh your 2 jb weld components accurately - it makes a big difference in strength.

If you’re really worried about it breaking, find a metal ring to form your jb weld around.

I’ve used it in a lot of bike lights and I wouldn’t trust it in a load bearing part. I’ve had plenty of flat sided aluminium pieces break apart with only moderate loading. If I can I now either bolt stuff together or if I have to use JB Weld, I cut perpendicular grooves in the mating surfaces to provide more surface for it to key to.

what sort of adapter do you need to make? Is it the adapter or the threading part that’s causing problems?

I’ve used JB weld and devcon steel epoxy 52345, and in my experience devcon was easier to handle.

I have a top section of a flashlight and a body from another flashlight I need together, it slides in perfect but not secure

if it’s a tight press fit and you just want a bit of extra security, then JB weld should be fine, especially if there’s plenty of overlap compared with leverage. If it’s just a 5mm collar supporting one of those monster showerheads then I’d find something else or pin it + JB weld. That’s moving waaay out of my area of expertise though, so hopefully someone else will chime in!

There's a two part epoxy putty (grey in color), in a plastic tube. I have used it several times. You just kneed it together and then put it on. It gets rock hard and I have never had it break. I cannot tell you the name, but I have seen it in Wal-Mart and hardware stores. It is waterproof and can even be used under water.

Google Search

Like this stuff

I have used it to repair aluminum before. I even fixed a high stress area in my metal garage door, where flexing caused a split in the metal door. That was two years ago and the repair is still rock hard.

JB weld is touchy and I do not like to use it. I don't trust it, but I have seen guys use it to fix engine blocks.

If your two pieces are slip fit, you will have to rough them up and it's better to make a couple grooves if possible, but if not, at least rough them up and gouge them, so the putty has something to grip to.

Ill post some pics

I’ve only used JBWeld in our home (several times) when plumbers’ copper “pipe sweating” joints failed: works great for this, not sure if it has the precision you need.

btw, my wife (in addition to me stayin off this forum) now wants the puppy in your album: go figure?

I’m using the same head as you and have attached it to another light and all i have done is make sure it’s a good fit and then use JB weld to secure the 2 pieces.
I found that having it somewhere warm whilst it was setting sped up the curing process.

BTW where did you get the chrome version of that head from i though they only came in black…


Thanks guys ill have to decide on what to do because this is also a hefty build

What head are u talking about ? The shower head

I’ve used JB weld to repair a stripped spark plug hole on a lawnmower.

if the two parts fit together and you’ll looking to make threads, it will work but it takes some finesse…

Thinking of mighty putty Old lumens?

I think there's about a hundred names for it. I see JB Weld even makes it now, as well as a bunch of other Mfgs.

I tried the jb weld version recently. it cures too rapidly for my liking - you can feel the chemical reaction start when you knead it to mix the components. once you feel that warmth there isn’t much time left

That’s true and I don’t want to rush and have it all over me and the light

Next on the list is to buy for the light is some tritium vials :slight_smile:

cover everything you don’t want it to stick to w/ release agent :wink:

I always get it all over my hands, but uncured JB weld cleans up easily w/ warm water and soap