Jetbeam BC40 Pictures

I had some guys ask me how I like the Jetbeam BC40. Well I like it a lot for the price I paid for it. And the quality seems to be excellent as well as the fit and finish as well as the groove cutouts and knurling. The LED is perfectly centered inside the reflector. I like the black plastic disc that they use to surround the LED so the LED sits perfectly centered surrounded by the reflector. My 2 Olights(SR51 and M3X) have this same type black disc. Wish more would start using it. But so far I am very impressed with this BC40. 2 modes: high and a low. That's really all you need anyway. I also like the fact that it comes with a very nice holster that a lot of manufacturers won't give you.

Here's some pictures.

I'll try to get some outdoor nite shots later.

And I would like to thank Summer and Dino Direct for the awesome flashlight. That's right I'm giving them some praise.

And you know everyone always says that smooth reflectors have ringy beams. Well look at this one. It looks just like one from an OP reflector.

This one is a winner. I highly recommend it.

What's the tint like ?

Just can't get past the design. So toilet plungeresque.

It would be great to get your opionion on how the light compares to others in your collection. Cheers.

Nice looking light - enjoy!!!

OT: Nice one... I wonder whether the last one is a real english word?

Well they say the same exact thing about the Sunwayman T40CS. LOL! Well I'm here to tell you when Rick tells you to buy one you know it's got to be good. So my T40CS plunger will be here Mon.

I would say this B40CS will out throw the TK35 and it compares along the same as the TK35 up close. I think the TK35 had more spill no doubt about it. Both probably weigh about the same. But I can't compare the 2 because I sent my TK35 back for an off centered LED and later told the guy I bought it from to just send me a T40CS instead and I paid him the almost $13 difference. Like I said for the $44 I paid for this light it's a great value.

And when someone wants to ask me what I consider a centered LED just look at the picture above. That my friend is a centerd LED.

And here's a shot of the Olight SR51 using the same black disc or spacer just to show you how it centers the reflector perfectly around the LED. Again, why isn't others doing this?

And here's the M3X. Notice again a perfectly centered LED with the black disc setup.

Cool white to me.

Yes, we've seen also this bargain price mentioned a couple of times... Actually I feel just the same about my only modern thrower, the SkyRay STL-V2, even I would have paid the normal DD price instead of ~18USD I eventually had to pay for it (by accident). So the value of a really good tool (note: not toy) is not determined by it's price. Actually the price included also 2x18650 batteries from them - not any hyped ones but "just" TF Flames which are good enough for me anyway.

(Had to write this OT comment here although I'm normally a quite humble person )

The pictures do not do the BC40 justice. When I got mine, it looks and feels much better in person than the pictures made me think it would look and feel. After holding the light, I found it's smaller and lighter weight than I had imagined. The head is quite small in diameter compared to some of my other larger lights. As far as the lack of knurling on the body of the light, the rings work just fine although I'm sure they would be a little more slippery than a good knurling job. All in all, it's a nice light for the money. At the time I bought it, I was looking for a good thrower and was somewhat disappointed in that respect. Now that I have other throw lights, M3X and TK41, I am starting to like the BC40 for what it does well. It works great for close to medium range in a simple, smallish package.

ILIKE. Does your BC40 have a smooth reflector? Mine is OP.

Yes mine is smooth just like the picture shows.

Maybe I can get a beamshot now that it's getting dark.

I didn't know you could get one with a smooth reflector. I wonder why mine is OP?

This pisses me off. I went and looked at some of the places that sell the BC40. All show a OP reflector. The spec sheet says precision aluminum reflector. How the hell did you get a smooth one?

Well you just got to be in good with the right people. Laughing

Yea right. Is that why you have had to send so many lights back lately? LOL

You got me on that one. Yea but I'm the one that keeps these Asian sellers on their toes. See they send me some stuff that they try and see if they can sneak it by me. It's like a game to them. I'm their real quality control. LOL!

I will be interested in your opinion of the difference between the BC40 and the TK35. Some say the TK35 throws better and some say the BC40 does. Of course you will have to go by memory since you sent the TK35 back. I'm also interested in the difference outdoors at night between the 7G5 and M3X.

I bought a BC25 recently and it came with an OP reflector, although on JetBeam's website, it shows only the smooth reflector. Then I noticed a sticker at the bottom of the package that labels it as "BC25 XML OP" with a separate barcode. I imagine they do make a separate batch with different reflector but then it is not specified when you buy it online.