Jetbeam BC40 problem.

I received my BC40 a couple of weeks ago from DD, then went on my holiday and when I came back my Trustfire flames had arrived. But when I put them in, the torch does not work. The batteries are fine, 4.2v each and work great in my solarforce. When I loosen the torch switch cap it flickers on, when I put my Multimeter on it works perfect. When I check the switch that works perfectly. Its as if the batteries are not making contact or something. I did get it to work once but then I took the batteries out to charge them and it would not work after.

Does any know what is going on or has anyone had this problem?


Please check the switch, and make sure the retention ring has not backed out.

Sometimes a good tightening is required.

Yeah tried that but no luck. It was as tight as. It seems to me that it might be the cells are to long, because when i unscrew the head and tighten it back down (but not all the way) it works, but only in low mode as it will only work in high if tightened all the way, when I do that it shuts off again.

What a pain in the arse!


Hi marcl. I have the BC40 and it really doesn't like the longer cells. In fact, I had the opposite problem. My bc40 wouldn't switch off when using the longer (68.5mm) batteries . I changed to some shorter ones and that took care of things. You might want to try that...

It does seem to be the cells, because when I charge them it works a little better. The cells are actually a little to big for the charger so they get a little squashed making them slightly shorter, only a fraction, but enough to make a little difference.

The problem is I can't really see why it is happening, there are springs head and tail

What cells are you using now?


take note the thread are annodized, the only contact you have on the tail cap is the the end of the host to tail cap. if cell too long and didn't screw in completely, no contact.

It does seem to make contact but works intermittently when I remove and replace it. not sure if the problem is at the head or tail end.