✌ JETBeam EC26 4*CREE XP-L HI 3600lm EDC 18650 Flashlight Group Buy - ALIVE! @$39.95

JETBeam EC26

Group Buy

4*CREE XP-L HI 3600lm EDC 18650

For reference, this is my order timeline for our Group Buy.

Note: speed of delivery varies from country to country.

Our Test Results

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Group Buy Price: $4X.99

Freeme's Coupon: Request in this thread

Expire On: June 30, 2021


Can't wait for our reply??

Price: $XX.99

Coupon: 4BLF


  • Uses 4*CREE XP-L HI LED, lift time is over 50,000h
  • Max 3600LM output, max 268m beam throw
  • when the flashlight is working in lowest mode, max running time can reach 50 days Side switch and single hand hold
  • Multi dimming modes for various applications or custom request.
  • Battery anti-reverse protection circuits
  • Patent temperature control technology and overheating protection
  • Battery detection and temperature check meter function
  • High transparency optical lens
  • High-strength aerospace aluminum alloy
  • HAITI hard anodizing finish
  • Magnetic tail cap it can bite on metal surface for illuminating
  • Other function: Battery detection/Temperature check/Sunset/Beacon/Candle/Storm/Strobe IPX-8 water resistance (2 meter submersible)
  • Drop Impact resistance of lm
  • Head size:30.8mm, Body size: 0 25mm, Length: 98mm
  • weight: 75g (exclude battery)

Interest List

  1. Freeme
  2. TheAuditor
  3. Firelight2
  4. bidas
  5. TexasToasted
  6. Ragsy



Interested. Is it running Anduril?

•Other function: Battery detection/Temperature check/Sunset/Beacon/Candle/Storm/Strobe IPX-8 water resistance (2 meter submersible)

it would seem that way :partying_face:



You have my attention!
Not yet interested, but I’ll keep an eye on this thread :wink:

(and BTW, if they do, I guess that should probably be disclosed in the product page on the manufacturer’s website)


Based on the form factor and specifications, they are competing with D4v2. So it needs to be cheaper; if it is more expensive there needs to be a compelling reason.

True, D4V2 is $55 right now.

Sure hope they are respecting the rules of open source licensing

Interested if the price is acceptable.

No USB charging :frowning:

I don’t see a single reason to order this over the D4v2.

Interested. Some of you guys talk as if you have to only chose one flashlight. I want them all :smiley:

I agree with this, i hope its around the 35$ mark

I’m definitely interested, the 4 Jetbeams i have are really good quality (but the ugly cool white emitters bug me :person_facepalming: )

It’s different styling for those who want an Emisar D4 with a slightly different look.

I don’t think it needs to be cheaper than a D4v2, but it should be comparable in price. Jetbeam is using stock firmware and optic so their engineering requirement for this light is cheaper. And it’s competing against the excellent D4v2, which is already out and has the added benefits of more emitter options and aux LEDs.

If this light is around $40 or $50 it could be worth it. If it’s $80, that’s way too much.

I would also request that Jetbeam not do their signature “lets squirt a whole tube of red Loctite into the bezel threads”. At least for the Group Buy lights. No threadlock please.


No idea at this point. I just got informed of this product on Monday.