JETBeam Intellicharge i4 - Ni-MH & Li-ion

Hikelite, can you post some links to those "sand" anodised Jetbeam and Nitecore ?

I wonder if Ric @ CNQG could bring them to his shop. He seems to have an easy access to Taobao stuff.


Where could I buy this charger? Price in USD?

Damn, looks really nice :P And I was right about the price :bigsmile: Anyway, if it's a really that intelligent, it's a good price. Waiting for reviews (HKJ, will you be the first one? :P)

Hopefully you're not right. Usually Germany has high prices! 11 euros for the Solarforce clip. Yep the one that's US$4.50 shipped on

Add about 6 euros shipping to that and you have 17 Euros for a $4.5 clip (Shipped).

Mikk0 has posted a link.

lol, so better if I'm wrong :P :bigsmile: If Manafont can sell it for 30, it will be awesome (but again, we need a preview or something)


but again, we need a preview or something



Agreed. The sooner the better! :D

I went to CPF to see what's the word on this charger there, but I see they don't even have new pics, nor links where to buy this product. So I guess BLF it's a bit ahead of CPF.

But still, I've seen something good. HKJ bought the charger. So he should receive it pretty fast since DK and DE are neighbors.

It 'about a year I bought two of these:
It works fine but charging the lithium batteries to 4.14


Have used them myself and they are pretty nice for money (feels cheap and a bit dangerous). Charges Ni-Mh to 1,4V and Li-Ions to 4,16. Haven't tried to leave cells into charger, so i can't comment if it really turns charging off.


I'm defenetly interested of quality all-in-one charger to replace my seperate Ni-Mh and Li-ion chargers. Hopefully we are able to get it cheaper at hkequipment but even 28 euros is pretty good price if it turns out to be a good charger.

Yes, I have put in a order for it and it will probably be here in about a week, then I need to do a lot of charge curves to test it. This means that the earliest time I can have any review ready will be in two weeks, but that is probably to optimistic (I might need to do some flashlight reviews before I can do the charger test).

I.e. I will probably not be the first to review it, but I might be able to answer some questions about it in a little more than one week, when I have done the first charge curve.

Great news HKJ, when you have it please let us know about quality and if it´s possible a little review.

No prob, take your time ;) Those charging curves are very informative and useful (at least for me) :) can tell many things about charger ;) Perhaps you will not be the first one, but I'm sure you'll be the first one with those charging curves.

Wow this is sure going to be a must have.........looks robust and should last a long time, hope they did not skimp on the plastic, and the spring on the terminals just dont pop off.

Some more photos :

It looks like my future charger

Are there any pictures available showing C or 26650 batteries on it?

It states on the back label it charges them, but I am not 100% they will fit in diameter, it looks like they might collide with the side walls that sepparate the channels.

I wonder the same.

This seems a perfect charger for those who don't have a hobby charger, or don't have chargers at all.

Waiting for the reviews.