JETBeam Intellicharge i4 - Ni-MH & Li-ion

This a soon to be released charger form Jetbeam, or maybe they will call it Sysmax charger. Seems That Sysmax really wants to show it's name all over now.

Output voltage: 4.2V ±1% / 1.4V ±1%
Output current: 500mA*4 / 1000mA*2
Compatible with:
Li-ion: 26650,22650,18650, 17670, 18490, 17500, 17335, 16340( RCR123 ) , 14500, 10440
Dimensions: 139mm×96mm×36mmWeight: 156g (without battery and power cord)

Don't come saying that this information already exists on the "other" place . It was posted there by a simple member not by Jetbeam. So, try to get this forum strong.

Finally! A simple charger capable of charging mixed chemistries. Lets hope the reviews come back positive and the cost remains competitive with other cheap chinese offerings.

With ac and dc input

Nice! Looks great. But it also looks pricey.

As it is with the most of the stuff from Jetbeam, Nitecore.

About time. Looks like a solid charger.

+1, but dunno it will be cheap, 40 bucks at least :~

Well, according to specs looks pretty good and for a brand name $40 is ok. I just hope it proves to be a elite charger. Even if it doesn't it, will still be a good thing because other companies or "cloners" will build such type of charger.

Looks nice. I wonder if it will fit the longer 18700 cell? Doesn't look like it has much clearance for one..

Now if someone new the size of that Jetbeam 2300mAh battery.

So when are they going to be available to review and test (Hint!) I'd love to try one out and post a review of it.

The yellow battery says Do Not Recharge :) CR123A

An all-in-one li-ion and nimh charger? I want one!

I wonder if these are not already available in China, several unreleased flashlights to the west are available on taobao.

Or some limited stuff like this.........

I've seen some dimensions given for that Jetbeam 18650 in the charger there, by a chinese seller, 68mm .

Xtar 18700 2600mAh , Xtar 18700 2400mAh are 69.2mm

Xtar 18700 2200mAh is 68.8mm

That's the first thing I saw. If it recharges THOSE, it's worth every penny.

Ok it's available now:

JETBeam Intellicharge i4

KTL store Link Price 27.95 EUR . Any reviews yet?

There are several German online stores which have this product for sale.