JETBeam Jet-1 MK Video Review

Thank you to everyone who recommended this light to me. It’s fantastic!

I replaced the ugly green tint LED with a Nichia 219B now its a great light

Thinking about doing the same. Has the brightness or beam changed significantly? Also, did you re-flow the new LED to the stock board, or did you replace the whole assembly?

Hey, where do you get 219s (either nekkid or already on stars)?

The ones FT sells are quite warm. Absolutely beautiful for a nightlight, but not for a flashlight. More like 2500K or less (candlelight), not 4500K-5000K.

I had to use the stock aluminium board to reflow, no chance to make a 8mm sinkpad fit as the star has 4 gaps for wires and gasket
To make it fit you need another gasket and thermal glue the star as it needs to be fixed against rotation

The light output dropped by about 30% but the tint and color rendering is far better

Here is a good source for 219C 4000K tint

Why not just De-dome the original LED?

its not about throw
the original Jetbeam LED has a really ugly green tint

you can put a rocksolid XP-G2 S4-2B, S4 5D2 or S3-3D or Nichia 219C in there, depending if you want high CRI

The tint will shift once you dedome? It will be about a NW tint .

yeah dedome an already green emitter, will get even worse green neutral white

Mines not that green stock. Most XPG2 do go a little green once Dedomed. Its still cheaper and easier then replacing the LED.

Kewl, tnx!

Good review, i liked it, only thing i did not like was the music at the start, was not expecting that.

Hola buenas me gustaría que me ayudarais, acabo de recibir la linterna jetbeam1mk y tengo una duda con el funcionamiento,no sé si será normal en este modelo pero note que dentro del haz de luz se ve un pequeño círculo como si fuera la sombra del led o circunferencia del led,esto no me había ocurrido en otras linternas led que tengo,tengo la wuben g339 con el mismo led y esto no ocurre.y quería saber si es normal en este modelo,o es defecto de fábrica,ya que estoy en tiempo de poderla devolver,gracias de antemano

Me not understand, me speak English.

Si se usa a muy corta distancia, hasta unos 8 cm, se nota un agujero en el centro, que es donde no está el reflector, eso es normal con todos los reflectores lisos.

Necesitarías subir algunas imágenes para explicar mejor el problema.

At very short distances, up to about 8cm, there is a donut hole. That’s normal for smooth reflectors.

You would need to upload some pictures to better describe the issue.