Jetbeam LEP M1X & M2S groupbuy

Hello my dear friends!

I got a exclusive deal for my members and friends!
(follow my links below to the shop for additional info!)

Lightsource: WP-RX 480Lumens
2300m Tactical Switch White Laser Flashlight

Lightsource: WP-RX 480Lumens
1800m Tactical Switch White Laser Flashlight

Please contact me to receive the deal!
only real end users and collectors!




The intensity and range numbers don’t correspond with each other.

Interested in this,two modes high and low?

They do for LEP lights.
A beam so tight, you need binoculars to see what’s you’re shining on. :smiley:

£185. for M2S?

Thanks for creating this deal! However, I’m out. I’ll let others be on the Bleeding Edge of flashlight technology. In a year or two, it will be more affordable and less buggy.

Which bugs have you experienced with LEP flashlights?

no ;)

Finally, a LEP with a small head, might be the first real pocket thrower.

more than a year ago i posted this ;) :

the m2s is 800klx instead of 188k advertised on banggood.

that also makes sense in terms of the stated range


how does ot compare to the weltool?

If they could make it double the output with a bit less throw that would be amazing.

I would happily take half the output double the throw :smiley:

its a novelty flashlight. The LEP is not as robust as a LED. It will never be a workhorse, just a fun light to enjoy a pencil beam with no spill.

but that is totally ok in my book, I have enough lights for all other tasks

waiting for Martin’s reply regarding the price.

Interested depending on the price.

I’malso waiting for price...

Interested in Jetbeam M2S depending on price.

Interested in the M2S depending on price

PMs sent