Jetbeam lights NOW 50% OFF at illumination supply!

Check it out! Some nice prices. I am tempted on a nice variable output RRT-21 lol.

edit: no I do not work for them in any way, I just saw the deal on facebook and figured I’d share it!

Did they ever really sell the PA40 for $95 or is the “real price” inflated for the 40% off?

$57 isn’t a bad price for it though, just a little more than some of the bargain around lately minus the free shipping.

Cant really comment about the other lights though, I don’t know the going price for them.

All I know is the RRT-21 was going for $109 everywhere I’ve hunted, and for $79 it is a bargain as far as i am concerned. Think I’ll go with the SWM V20C though.

Well those aren’t the best prices for being 40% off. Heck I paid $35 shipped for my BC20 along time ago.

And they want $38.25. LOL! And I bought mine form China.

BA10 for $28 and change with no free shipping. You can go to battery junction right now and get one for $33 shipped with a free 4 pack of rechargable AAs.

That was literally the first place I googled. I got mine for about $25 shipped from DD.

You can jack a price up all you want just so you can claim a 40% discount but we are not falling for it.

Shoot, I was hoping to help some ppl out :frowning: lol apparently thats why i’ve never purchased from them

I think Craig deserves the respect and reputation he has earned .. knowledgable,helpful,smart ...he has a great selection of lights and emitters,great prices ,has done lots of group buys ,multiple giveaways and is a fine and upstanding young BLF member .

jetbeams ,zebralights thrunite and nichia 219's


I’d much rather spend a few more bucks and know that I’m helping a small business, that I’ll get my product ALOT faster, and in the long run if anything goes wrong, I know I can get quick feedback. There’s more to it than just bottom dollar.

+1 Craig is, as Boaz says, a good guy, and very responsive to his customers.

Coming from someone with a small business myself: the extra cost is usually for fast and responsive service, warranty, shipping etc. You get what you pay for! And we can never compete with private import from China in regards to price, only in regards of service and such. So it all comes down to what you want to pay for.

I grabbed the msrp from my pricelists from jetbeam. looks like few people ever sold them at those prices?

Fine. 50% off. how’s that?

Was really tempted to get the BA10. Shipping puts it over $30 which I just cannot do. Damn.

I apologize for the high international shipping prices. Those are pretty much what I’m paying.
I can’t compete with international sellers that ship free as it costs them ~1$ to ship from HK compared to >5$ from here.

Told you he was responsive! Nice one Craig.

Do you have any PA40w in neutral left? If so ...please reserve one for me.

all I have are the ones on the site. no neutral unfortunately.


OK, thanks... I have to make up my mind, if I would like a cool white one.

Another +1 for Craig and Illumination Supply.

Show me another site stateside that has nichia 219's and xp-g 2's in stock, along with disturbingly fast shipping! Speaking of pieces parts, I still need to get a few nichia's to perform a full emitter test...Craig, order incoming...


Thanks Craig. I do appreciate what you have done for us. My order has been placed!