JETBeam RRT-0 Raptor,XM-L2 ,650Lm, REVIEW

This is the updated version of the well known JETBeam flashlight RRT-0 Raptor.
Now it has a new XM-L2 LED and impressive 650 lumen output!
Powered by single 16340/RCR123A battery,RRT-0 is one of the brightest compact tactical flashlights.
Specially designed for Military,Law Enforcement,Self-defense,Hunting,Search and Rescue and Outdoor activities.

RRT-0 is from the Ring Rapid series flashlights.
The stainless steell ring allows the user to easily select different brightness level.

Build quality is impressive.Aluminium is manufactured with utmost precision.
All edges are perfectly smoothed,no sharp edges.
Knurling is excellent.
Top notch anodizing.Extremely dense type III hard anodizing,with no gaps or differences in the color.
This is one of the best anodizing I’ve seen.
The color is a beautiful dark gray,and changes slightly depending on the ambient light.


-Maximum output: 650 lumens
–180 meters maximum beam distance
-Peak beam intensity 5800 cd
-Reflector: Custom-designed aluminum reflector
-Lens: Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating
-Material: Aero grade aluminum alloy
-Finish: HA III military grade hard-anodized
-Battery: RCR123*1 / CR123A*1 / AA*1
-Switch: Forward clicky
-Impact resistant 1,5 m
-Waterproof IPX-8 ,2meters
-Dimensions: Head diameter 25.4mm
Tube diameter 20.5mm
Total length 100mm (without extension tube)
Total length 116mm (with extension tube)
Weight: 72g (without extension tube) (without battery)
83g (with extension tube) (without battery)

JETBeam RRT-0 comes very well packed in two boxes.
All needed accessories-lanyard,removable pocket clip,AA extender,spare O-rings,
spare switch boot,user’s manual,warranty card.
The holster is an optional accessory.
A high quality holster with all options for attaching.Fits very well to the flashlight.

Excellent type III hard anodizing.The best knurling I’ve seen.
The pocket clip is securely attached and is very convenient to use.
All edges are well rounded.Thick aluminum for good heat dissipation.

Triangular cut screw threads with rounded edges.(I prefer square cut threads)

Very well sized battery tube.There is enough space for protected 16340 and RCR123A batteries.There is a long spring in the tail.
Thanks to it using longer protected batteries is not a problem.
Reverse polarity protection.Button top batteries are recommended.

Close up look to details.
(the color is a little different,due to the different camera and ambient light).

RRT-0 is bigger than other ®CR123A flashlights,but this makes it possible to run the LED on 2,4A on maximum brightness.

Cree XM-L2 LED provides high maximum brightness and high efficiency.
Stainless steel bezel protects the head from drops and impacts.
-Impact-resistant accords with US MIL-STD-810F.
Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating.

Perfectly centered LED.

Textured ‘Orange Peel’ custom-designed aluminum reflector for excellent,smooth beam.

The light from the XM-L2 LED used here is good cool white,clear-no greenish or bluish tint.
The beam is good mix of flood and throw.Excellent for every day use.

User Interface
Using JETBeam RRT-0 is simple,fast and convenient.
Tactical forward clicky tail switch with momentary on option.Turns the flashlight ON/OFF.

The biggest advantage of the RRT series flashlights is the magnetic control ring that allows user to choose the preferred brightness level.
Brightness selection-
With the light turned on(either momentary or constant),slowly rotate the Rapid response control ring in a clockwise(looking from the tail side) direction to incrementally increase brightness to a desired level.
To decrease the brightness rotate the control ring in a counter-clockwise direction.
After the minimum comes the standby mode-the light is off(with tail switch on).
There is a quiet click to let us know that the ring has reached the stand by position.
Rotating more in a counter-clockwise direction activates Strobe.

The great thing using the control ring is that we can choose brightness level even when the light is off.Also can be left on strobe and using the tail switch activates the light directly in the Strobe mode-momentary and constantly. Excellent feature for self defense purpose.
The light can be controlled only by the control ring-turning ON/OFF,changing brightness.
The control ring works as an electronic switch,so there’s a standby drain from the battery.If you worry about that you can turn off the tail switch and the light is completely off.
The maximum brightness is definitely extremely bright for a 16340/RCR123A flashlight.
The Strobe is good frequency-very,very bad for the eyes.

650 Lumens / 20 minutes (using RCR123A/16340 battery)
260 Lumens / 1h 15min (using CR123A battery)
110 Lumens / 3h 45 min (using AA battery)
CR123 battery minimum output 0.005 Lumens / 100h

The control ring has a very good feel,not too stiff,not too loose.Very convenient to use.Easy to use with one hand.
Increasing and decreasing brightness is gradually and smooth.Pleasant to the hand and eyes.

RRT-0 uses 1AA/14500 or CR123A/RCR123A/16340 batteries.
Using AA battery gives much lower brightness than using RCR123A battery,because of the lower voltage.
For maximum(650 Lumens) output is recommended using a quality high drain compatible batteries.The current draw on maximum level is about 2,4 Amperes, which is too high for most of the cheap batteries,especially when using for long periods.
At about 1,5 Amperes current draw from the battery,the flashlight is also very bright,so the full brightness is not always needed.
Using IMR 16340 batteries is recommended for longer battery life and more safely use.

The driver has a Low voltage indication that works with AA batteries as well as RCR123A batteries.
When the voltage is too low,the light starts blinking and shut off to prevent battery damage.


Beam comparison to other CR123A/RCR123A flashlights and bigger 18650 flashlights.
1meter , 1/20 ,WB locked
JETBeam RRT-0, Olight S10 L2, Sunwayman S10R, Klarus RS16, Klarus XT11, XTAR B20, XP-G R5 ,C8 XP-G2, Thrunite Ti, JETBeam RRT-0 1x AA alkaline.

1meter, 1/250 ,WB locked
JETBeam RRT-0, Olight S10 L2, Sunwayman S10R, Klarus RS16, Klarus XT11, XTAR B20, XP-G R5 ,C8 XP-G2, Thrunite Ti, JETBeam RRT-0 1x AA alkaline.

5 meters, 1/6 sec, WB locked
JETBeam RRT-0, Olight S10 L2, Sunwayman S10R, Klarus RS16, Klarus XT11, XTAR B20, XP-G R5 ,C8 XP-G2, Thrunite Ti, JETBeam RRT-0 1x AA alkaline.

Good pocket clip. It’s much better than it looks.
Firmly attached to the flashlight’s body.No risk of accidentally detaching.
Thanks to its good shape it’s easy to use.
The flashlight can be conveniently attached to different things.

Excellent grip thanks to the well made knurling and the wider tail part.

Excellently tail standing.

Easy to attach to a backpack and using when walking.

JETBeam RRT-0 is definitely one of the best flashlights I’ve tested so far.
Superior build quality,excellent anodizing.Very bright.
It is a little bigger for a CR123 light,but that helps for good heat dissipating and high efficiency.
Quality batteries are recommended for maximum brightness and efficiency.

The only thing that could be improved is the tail switch.It is too stiff compared to switches on all other flashlights I have.

My impression of this flashlight is excellent.
RRT-0 is an excellent choice for a high brightness EDC light.

Thanks for reading!

RRT-0 Raptor provided by JETBeam for review.

Excellent review. thank you!

Wow…kickass review. Great Job.

I only notice that the clip on your sample appears to be misaligned and maybe not so secure?

Can you comment and or compare RRT-0 to V11R?

Love your photography and animations!!

Sorry,I don’t have V11R.
I am not sure why the clip stays like this.It is not too tightly pressed to the knurling.Maybe its shape is the reason.
The clip does not move at all in the place where is attached,so I think it’s quite secure for normal use.
Needs some work with pliers for better shape.

Thanks for sharing .

There arre two threaded holes in the tailcap. Could that be for an optional clip?

Those JETBeam flashlights are hot! I like the bag too. J)

The bag is sometimes full with 10+ flashlights when I go for night beamshots. :bigsmile:

I think yes. I found some pictures on the internet where people use it with other clip.

Jetbeam RRT-01 has a clip with screws.

Will this fit an 18350 like the RRT-01? Also, is the control ring infinitely variable or does it have detents for each mode?

Look from your 3rd picture, is the hook firmly attached enough?

Fantastic pictures. Thanks for the review!

Will be great,but no,18350 are too wide for RRT-0.
There is a detent only for the stand by mode.You can choose the brightness you want,from very low glowing LED to too bright for close range work light. With AA battery the minimum brightness is really low.
I will upload a video later to see it better how it works.

The clip is made of thick stainless steel. It stays a little strange,but doesn’t move on its place.It’s hard to remove it.I don’t think it’s possible to detach it accidentally in normal use.

My video is ready to watch.It is after the UI section in my review. 8)
No voice,I will add annotations later.

Thanks a lot for the review. In a nutshell, I hesitate between the Jetbeam and the nitecore SRT3, they seem very similar , can someone help me decide please?