Jimmy Clark-Lotus Cortina

A few years ago the Speed Racer movie came out and at the end when Spritle was touring the set he returned to the Racer family trophy room and there on the shelf was a Cortina tail light lens with no plack or testament. My thought was that this was a quiet and unobtrusive testament to a driver whom many believe to be the best if his time, Jimmy Clark, who drove for team Lotus. At that time, many drivers raced in different formats throughout the year(stock car, formula one, etc) and at his peak he could drive and win in seemingly any vehicle(even a milk truck). Sadly, he was killed when his car left the track in a formula one race.
The Olympics and the athletes who rise above the rest to set a new bar for the next generation reminded me of him and his meteoric appearance.
Thank you Olympic Athletes, thank you London, thank you Speed, and thank you Jimmy.