JKK03 mini review

A mini review of the JKK03:

This flashlight was purchased thru Kaidomain for $40 USD. Shipping took 28 days, although there was a delay in processing the order (10 Days). This an overall feel and utilitarian view. I may be inclined to take it apart and see it’s innards - at a later time.

The unit is intended as a utility light, not an EDC. It is pocketable, but heavy. My use is for general inspection and illumination of 60 to 100 feet (20 to 30 m). It utilizes a Cree XHP-70.2 NW emitter with an orange peel reflector, although not very textured. The body is designed around 3 x 18650 cells. They are configured for parallel operation with a non-removable cassette. There is USB charging (type C which is not mentioned, however Alibaba’s listing does state such) and also by a 5 volt Power Supply with 3.75 mm barrel plug. Cable or PS not supplied. As an added feature, doubles as a power bank with two regular USB outputs (with 3400m mAh cells = 10,000 mAh). A push button activates 4 red leds for power status (25, 50, 75, 100%), also active while charging.

Design is very industrial and classy. All uni-cylindrical at 46 mm diameter makes for a good hand torch. There are no apparent flaws / misalignment of components. Clearly they upped the craftsmanship. Many little details are spot on. The tail-cover fits handsomely to unify with the body and the symmetry continues to the head. The longitudinal seams are aligned with the cover (fluke?). The machining is very precise, no screwed part rubs against another.The crenallations are not aggressive. There are no markings on the uniform black anodized body. Markings on bottom of tail cap are discrete: “® jen heng”, JKK03, 10000×3.7V=37WH” Also in Chinese. No ♺ w/ exclamation mark and “HOT” – I’ll get to that latter. A few tidbits: Lanyard hole not aligned with bottom markings (excuse my perfectionism). The knurling is not very deep, could have been bigger as is the body.

The user interface differs from the listing, now the modes are in increasing order: Lo, Med, Hi. A double click from OFF or any mode gives turbo. Another click drops to Hi mode - not to the last setting although has mode memory. This is a mixed result but It could be argued the light’s primary utility is general illumination. A long press (1 second) turns OFF. Triple clicks from OFF to get strobe, then another for SOS, and lastly, another to exit to Low (not memory?). Overall, a good UI, the long press is rather short, and the triple click hides the strobe. Switch is easy to locate, responsive with soft covered neoprene. There is no lockout, electronic nor mechanical. Not intended as a pocket torch.

As I have no special equipment to measure lumens, a ceiling bounce with a phone app may give some relative values.
Alibaba’s listing (Rhuxyol XHP70 ): 100, 500, 1800, and 3600 lumens (taken with a grain of salt).

Setting Measured Lumens ’Ball Park’ Values
Low 197 ∼200
Medium 558 ∼550
High 1492 ∼1500
Turbo 3143 ∼3150

There is no mention of thermal or timed stepdown. I did an ambient air test and stopped at 8 minutes: 57.4º C. Batteries were down to 4.02 V. and at 42º C. The shear mass (365 g w/batteries) and some finning does radiate the heat.

At 80 feet throw. Hotspot iluminates most of the steel clad wall.

The beam is a nice natural white, a distinct hotspot that diffuses into the spill with no artifacts of the XHP70.2’s quad die. I cannot see any green color hues on the lower modes. There seems to not have AR coating; LEDS off, looking sideways at the lens for any rainbow reflection The beam is more throw; the reflector is deep and large, but a very usable spill is given. My needs above the 20 meter range will be met. I have an Avaratia Nightwatch N40E triple SST 40 on it’s way - for the 10 to 20 meter range.

The in-field charging and power bank make for a versatile torch I would keep in the car. Phone’s low? Just a top-up. Need a charge to my headphones, again top it up simultaneously. The µC charging is quick, better than my 1 Amp charger, and seems to have terminated at about 4.20 Volts (the red leds stay lit). I’m awaiting Samsung’s 35E 3400 mAh cells. Tested with PKCell ICR 2600 that I had as my Q8 backups. Can accept button or flat heads. Checked PK’s with 1 mm disk (67.0 mm) and fits.

Over all very pleased. An excellent crafted flashlight with good throw and Natural White illumination. On board µUSB C fast charging with dual output power-bank. And the price is budget friendly; my cells and a carry pouch will cost more than the torch.

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Nice review. Reminds me of the Sofirm SP36, Powertac Hero Gen 3, type of lights. But pricing is great.

Thanks for the review. I hadn’t heard of this light.

I have 3 JKK Lights and have been please with all 3. Like the power-bank option on these lights.

Thanks for this review, SS.

I ordered a couple of these from Kaidomain last week. Still pictured on their site is the micro USB input.

But yours came with USB type C? Sweet! Hope mine do too.

Also you mentioned yours came in NW. KD’s site offers two such options, 5000K & 4000K, which did you choose?

Happy New Year!