jmpaul320's 2000 post give away! - CLOSED


So I am already nearing 2000 posts… seems it took me far less time to get from 1000 to 2000 than from 0 to 1000… hmm… I joined in the spring of 2012 and it took me until march 2013 to get to 1000… only 6 months to get to 2000… at this rate i will pass scaru and johnny mac in 2 years :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway… more details on the giveaway

last time I gave away 2 cheap but useful sipik sk68 clones.

how about something a little more expensive this time?

Up for grabs is a Terra Lux light star 300 2aa light

I bought it from amazon for about $30 last November - it has lived in my cars glovebox since then as a emergency/backup light - its in like new condition.

here are some specs:

Recessed Tailcap Switch With 2 Brightness Levels

3 Hour Run Time On High / 24+ Hour Run Time On Low

300 Lumen Output (more like 225 after 5 minutes on alkalines)

Includes Wrist Strap, Pocket Clip and 2 AA Batteries

Beam Pattern: wide spill, uniform light, less of a “hot spot” than other lights

its not a super high output light, i believe it uses a cree c4 led which is an older led… but it is reliable and its built like a tank… it will do a great job as a car light or even dog walking light…

more specs and reviews here


You must have joined BLF on or before 8/31/13.
Only 1 post per member please (more than one post will disqualify you)
Winner will be selected via immediately after I reach 2000 posts.
Anyone, anywhere may enter - I will cover all shipping costs - including international.
Winner will be notified via PM and must respond within 48 hours with their address, or a new winner will be chosen.

Have fun!



Count me in, love giveaways.

nice gesture, thanks!

will congratulate you when you've reached da 2000th :P

Count me in, please! :bigsmile:

Nice giveaway.There’s always ONE more to be had.

Congrats on your upcoming 2K.

Very generous of you, I would like one of those!

Congratulations on your 2000th post.

Congrats on the post milestone. :slight_smile: Guess I’ll enter as well.

A nice give away from one who owns some of the finest lights around! Please count me in…Thanks

Congratulations! I am in.

I probably won’t be picked as entry #10, but I’ll enter anyways.

Great, thanks for the giveaway! :slight_smile:

Congratz on 2K.
Thanks for the giveaway.

i am in,thanks.

I’d like to get in on this. Thanks.

This means that everyone registered before 8/31/13 can NOT enter…

fixed the OP

as long as you joined blf today or before you can enter!

if you join 9/1 , 9/2 2013 etc

you are banned :stuck_out_tongue:

check my post again, I never said that I am in :wink:

Count me in…thanks