Joel's flashlight (The Last of Us is chock full of these details)

I Redbox’d Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us this past week.

Joel’s flashlight appears to be a 2D Fulton-esque angle head. It starts out fairly bright, but use it for a few minutes at a time and the beam yellows while the output tanks. It even starts flickering on you if you leave it on long enough—and you fix that by giving your controller a little smack :wink: .

The beam behaves like an unfocused incandescent Mag, complete with a donut in the center that realistically converges in close quarters. They even nailed the ‘bat-wings’ in the beam. Someone at Naughty Dog plays with flashlights.

A clip that shows off a lot of flashlight use:

All told, the game features tons of little details like these and kicks butt. Need I say that the gameplay itself is also fun? I ended up buying it at Bull Moose as it was sold out everywhere else, unsurprisingly. It’s the first game I’ve played that physically impacted me due emotional investment in the characters. Certain developments in the lengthy story arc put a taught knot in my stomach and left me sweating cold bullets, hitting like a sucker punch in the dark. Thumbs beers up for this game! :beer:

I watched someone play the game online, since I refuse to buy a console….and all I could think of was how I would’ve had a much better light LOL.

I’m about halfway through, loving it as well, thinking I should have one of his torches for the front pocket of my turnout gear