JonnyC's Garage Sale - USA Only - New Hosts added 12/28

Ugh, I've been dreading having to post this stuff for a looong time. I've lost the itch for the flashlight hobby quite a long time ago. I haven't been on this site, although seeing some of the new stuff I'm certainly tempted, and I will certainly be back (hoping to build some DST's over the winter). I just gave up on building lights for other people.

12/28 - Added new hosts and lowered prices of L2T's and clips. I just want these to go to a good home and be out of my house!


$12 each - (2) SOLD Solarforce L2T, original non-tailstanding - Bought them to build lights for police officers and ended up not doing it. Ordered from solarforceflashlight-sales, opened them all up to inspect, put back in packaging and taped back up. All in new condition.

1.) SOLD $20 SRK - Original Sky Ray King w/ 3 x XM-L. Switched swapped out with blue LED switch (kind of crappy) which is illuminated when head is tightened. Have original switch but not the button cover. Cool white, original torrid driver.

2.) Gave to a friend $10 Convoy M1 - Scratched and chipped, reverse clicky, 3 mode L-M-H (I believe 5-30-100), XM-L neutral white, 3.2 amps, OP reflector

3.) SOLD $10 Convoy M1 - Scratched and chipped, forward clicky, custom H-L firmware (no memory, comes on in High, quick off-on to access low, XM-L2 neutral, 2.8 amps, OP reflector, access to MCU if you want to reprogram

4.) SOLD $10 Convoy M1 Host - Mint, unbranded, stainless clip, reverse clicky, original hardware w/o driver or LED (can include driver/LED listed below). Not the latest version, so no matte surface.

5.) SOLD $3 Ultrafire C3 - XP-G cool white, no clue what lumens, badly scratched tailcap, AA or lithium, OP reflector (one of the first lights I upgraded, no use for it anymore)

6.) SOLD $2 Black Cat HM-01 - AAA, really old, no clue what emitter, cool white, a decent keychain light with surprising throw

7.) SOLD $7 UniqueFire UF-2200 - Works intermittently, don't feel like diagnosing, reverse clicky, XM-L cool white, uses 26650 but includes aluminum 18650 spacer, SMO. Will include new 105C driver

8.) SOLD $18 Ultrafire UF-T50 SMO, cool white XM-L, custom firmware with 3 levels and ramping (hold to ramp up and down, double tap to go up one mode). Has some visible PWM and audible whine at mid levels, but not bad. Magnetic tailcap, no pocket clip. Not sure about parasitic drain when left off for a long period of time, never tested.

9.) SOLD $20 Ultrafire UF-T20 SMO, cool white XM-L, custom firmware with 3 levels and ramping (hold to ramp up and down, double tap to go up one mode). No visible PWM and no audible whine, but ramping down to the bottom makes it so the emitter barely lights up. If you then turn off and back on, emitter doesn't illuminate at the lowest level, have to switch up to low mode or ramp. Magnetic tailcap, pocket clip, includes spacer to use 14500 instead of 16350. 16350 not included. Not sure about parasitic drain when left off for a long period of time, never tested. Access to driver to reprogram (have to desolder switch pin off MCU leg)

10.) SOLD $5 Ultrafire C20 in parts. Took driver out with plan to replace with 105C w/ custom firmware, lost interest. No LED. No picture, but can get one if you want.


$2 each - 3.04A NANJG 105C. Will include capacitor if you want to do off-time

$5 each (6) XM-L2 T6 3C on 16mm Noctigon


$3 each - (4) Solarforce Stainless belt clip

$7 - (1) HD2010 DX Aspheric lens and Vestureofblood adapter as found here -

SOLD $6 shipped for a pack of 10 2AA to D (parallel) adapters just like these -

$5 shipping for any item/qty in the USA only. Shipping is going to be a pain, and I'm going to try and charge what it will actually costs me.

If the prices are out of line just let me know!

PM me if interested.

- Jon

Id be interested in any maglite stuff…

PM sent

Updated OP to include $2 drop-ins, $2 drivers, and $5 LEDs if buying a flashlight.

Is that a Small Sun 2x18650 in the back left? And what’s the large flashlight head in front of it?

Yup, that is a Small Sun with a scratched up reflector and no driver/LED. The head is from a DST (Defiant Super Thrower), which I am keeping.

Got everything in today, thanks JohnnyC! Everything as new….

PM Sent

PM Sent

I have to bump this, these hosts are in new condition.

Thanks ReManG. Thinking of buying more to do more builds? ;)

With everything else I have going on, no. Should that change, then I hope you have some left… I am busy as all get out.

Even with a cheap drop in, these things are going to make great lights for less than $25 total….

I have to say as these are my first Solarforce hosts, very nice, the square body in the middle and the cigar ring make for a very comfortable hold. The switch and glass are both top notch, the anodizing is great, now I know why people like these so much.

Payment sent,

thanks again

Oh I didn't know that! Yeah, I'm a big fan of Solarforce, especially the L2T.

Bump. Only 2 L2T's left along with a bunch of stainless clips.

I could use 3 clips. PM me with payment info if it’s worth the trouble for a small sale.

Bump for new random hosts that I need to get rid of. This is the last of it.

I will take two L2T hosts

I've asked for the SRK. I have a bunch of them but not one of the original toroid versions. Just got to have it, you know?


Sent Overnight Express! WOW!

And received! Great packaging and the light is in new condition!

Thank you Johny!!!!!

I have requested the 2200. Might be a good host.