June Giveaway #3 From Wallbuys - TY-Z08 Closed - The winner is doslyn



I have several giveaways this month. They are lights from different dealers. Just so everyone is clear, I get a few lights for free, from dealers, so that I can review them and part of the deal is that I won't take one, unless I can give it away here in the forums. I just do not like to keep lights and I like to give them away. Without the dealers help, I wouldn't be giving away much these days, so I am glad for their help.

This light came from Wallbuys. It's the Small Sun ZY-T08 and it is Stock, no mods.


The giveaway is open to anyone who has become a member on or Before 5/30/14. Post here and your post# will be your lucky number. I will draw a Winner on 6/5/2014, sometime during that 24 hour period. I use Random.org to draw the winner.

Good Luck!

I’m in. Been looking to get a T08 for a while.

Thanks for all you do good sir!

I’m in, thanks!

Thanks for the giveaway.

Thanks. This could be my second flashlight.

I’m in, Thanks.

In for this one as well. Direct drive with two parallel batteries= awesome. Thanks OL.

I’m here.


Thanks again!

I’m in, thanks O-L.

IN 2 WIN ! TY OL !

Cool, my favorite host.

I’m in, thanks again!

I’m in thanks mate! Just became aware you have a youtube channel. Subscribed!

I’m in, thanks

im in, and thanks dont know how ive not got one of these yet

I’m in thanks

Great OL!


But I won Southland’s solarstorm SC givaway,then one of the 20 VP2 chargers.Zero to two in less than a month :bigsmile: I’ll

pass on a great light.Good luck to all and thanks OL and WB’s.