I saw Jupiter last night. Recently I've pulled out an old telescope and I'm trying to get back in the groove with astronomy. I looked at Jupiter and its 4 main moons several days ago and 3 of the moons were on the left and one on the right.

Last night three were on the right a one on the left. It's interesting to see things actually change. The bands in the middle were plainly visible as well.

Any other astronomy buffs here?

Since I moved back into the city limits of Charlotte, the abundance of high pressure sodium lamps has washed out my view of the sky. I am lucky to see the moon.

So, my telescope sits in my dining room...all alone D:

You should still be able to view Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon unless you don't have an unobstructed view to the south.

In live in Seattle and have light pollution, weather, and tall trees to deal with :)

well, i don't have a telescope to look at planets but i like to watch meteor showers. i used to live in vancouver and i once drove two hours away from the city to watch the perseid meteor shower. i lost count of the # of shooting stars after one minute, there were too many.

too bad i wasn't into flashlight at the time. i would have brought a bunch of lights and red filters with me.

i can't see anything nowadays, not only i live in a big city, i now live close to a movie theater that likes to point a huge spotlight up into the sky (to catch ppl's attention i guess). my hs-801 or XRE w/50mm aspherical lens simply can't compete with that monster light. ha ha.

Do you have worldwide telescope ?

It's stellar.. :)


It's like test driving the Hubble

Well if you have a mirror you might catch a glimpse of Uranus...

LOL, back to the Uranusfire flashlight thread!