Just a survey of flashlight set packaging

Hello guys,

We are going to make a packaging for flashlight set, to hold the flashlight, charger, batteries, etc. Now we need your adivces about it.

Do you like plastic box? Or black canvas bag? Or any other good ideas?

We really appreciate if you can share your ideas with us. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Thank you.

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A lot of these sort of boxes get thrown away, so I'd not spend much on packaging. A padded canvas bag that held everything would have all sorts of uses and would be a nice extra. Don't know how much it would cost though.

I'm with Don on this. If a box or a bag is going to increase the price then I'll gladly do without. If it doesn't then go for it. Wink

It's hard to answer since as a budget light buyer almost every flashlight comes without any box or packaging whatsoever .you're lucky to get bubble wrap and a plain white box ...I agree with the common thought here no packaging or box is going to make the slightest differance ..So a simple plastic tray in a well designed box like tank ,olight ,nitecore etc ..Gift boxes are a total waste unless they are wood or unbelievably nice ... then they are just a waste of money .. It seems like the absolute worst place to spend money

Well said. That's exactly how I feel about it. Same goes for pouches and any other non-essential accesories, btw.

It depends on what kind of light it is, while I love a nice waterproof case (think "padded pelican case" or "Naithawk Waterproof Case") for my lights (and other electronic stuff), cost is also a consideration.

I for one and probably the average blf member don't go for these packages which include charger and batteries.

Most of us probably are settled with charger and batteries, so we'd like to order single lights only. And I don't care how these are packed AS LONG AS they are packed securely.

I would also prefer whatever method that allows for the cheapest shipping while still being well protected. I suspect this method is just simply bubblewrap. ;)

By the way, welcome to http://szwholesale.com and http://qualitychinagoods.com to the forum, we're happy to see you here discussing with your customers!

I'm not sure, but it's possible that they are talking about ONLY a case/bag for flashlights. Not actually shipping a "kit" in one. A carry case.

If that's what they meant, then of course I'm all for it.

My ideas... are to have two kinds.

#1 a padded bag with a few places for lights, preferably 2x compartments for larger lights to run the length of the bag, at least one of them with a zipper on the outside of the bag, for external access. On the inside, to make the battery compartments large enough to fit a small-ish AA light, or possibly a pouch just for a slightly larger 18650 (but with ~same width reflector as the body). the padding on the outside (inside of material of course) should be nice & thick. At least as thick as what you find on a decent laptop backpack.

#2 an aluminum case, with foam in it. the foam section in the middle could have multiple thin "sections" that can be removed from each place to fit progressively larger sizes of whatever you're putting into it. in this way it'll still be "one size fits most" with only a few more cuts in the foam. one light is probably what you would want to do with this, with maybe a place for a small light to smunch into a "blank" spot if you have any after you fit everything else into your design. the latch could also be locking, but that's not very important to me personally. some people might want that. the case preferably would also have bracing around the sides, but for sure at least bracing on the corners. this would not be a super cheap case, but i bet it could be sold for $30 easily, if not $15-20.

i bought a case for my little sister's gameboy like 5 years ago, that not only fit that description, but also had 2 levels with the top level rising up as you opened it, and a ton of GBA accesories with it too, and even all of that was still only $25.

If they actually do mean to send one with a kit... then something like my description of #1 is my suggestion. Cheers, and thanks for being here SZWS. :)


If this is for a set, I would prefer something compact and secure. No ratling, whatsoever. A plain cardboard box,(could be printed) wrapped with a thin plastic film.

The cheaper the merrier...


If it must be a box i like this:


That is what I assumed as well.

For me, its not worth the added cost of a box nor the increase in overall price to ship it - just so I can throw it in the garbage after I receive it. My thoughts are that I would much rather see a vendor exert its efforts into listening to the wants and needs of the customer and communicate that information to the manufacturer to build a better product.

1) 3 mode drivers (low, medium, high). NO MORE SOS OR STROBE MODES! Most people are sick to death of them. +1 for Manafont.

2) Buyer incentive programs. +1 again for Manafont

3) Better communication. Its great that the dealer is here to ask us of our opinions. +1 again for Manafont.

4) Coupon discount codes. This forum brings the seller a large specifically targeted market of potential buyers. The least the seller can do is reward us with a discount for helping him sell his product.

5) Continue shipping lights in a plain white box with bubble wrap so we can save money. Anyone can get a holster or pouch anywhere for $2 or less if we want to protect the light or make it more presentable. What I don't want is a more expensive overall cost, where a portion of it goes straight into my garbage after I receive it. That just sounds ridiculously wasteful.

In terms of packaging, if it isn't reusable for storage afterwards I'd say skip it. The canvas bag idea is nice, as is the small padded aluminium box.

We just got a canvas bag sample from a textile factory. It is reusable for storage, with a zipper on the outside of the bag, lloks like a CD bag. You can put an ordinary flashlight, a extention tube, two batteries, a charger with adapter, extention tube and a mount inside. Absolutely securely. The weight of the bag is about 160g, cost about $2.50.

It seems that most customers would not wanna more cost for packaging, right?

So for a flashlight come with necessary accessories, we may choose a simple gift box to hold them. A gift box weights about 220g, costs less than $1. We can offer it free if customers purchase flashlight kit.

Thanks agian for your time and support!

I don't want to pay for nice packaging but I have to admit; I like it. That suede box with a magnetic flip-out that 4Sevens ships their lights in made me feel special. I don't feel special very often ('cause I'm not special) so it was very . . . special.