Just an FYI, to light up your

Just an FYI, to light up your mouth in a truly amazing way have a look at a local Wal Mart (sorry, this is probably US based only) and see if they are stocking the new line of corn chip from Paqui, based out of Austin TX. The one to try, if you dare, is the Haunted Ghost Pepper. OMG!

I warn you, they are as addictive as they are outrageously hot! I mean, I’ve never heard of anyone packaging something this hot before by way of a chip, so if you dare look these up don’t say I didn’t warn you!

They also make several other flavors that are super delicious, the Verde Salsa are so good you have to find the bottom of the bag to stop. :slight_smile: The Nacho Cheese are ok, the chips themselves are superb of course but this flavor is just ok. Still looking for the Roasted Habanero and their Jalapeno variants.

ONLY TRY HAUNTED GHOST PEPPER Paqui chips if you are used to eating spicy foods! If you are unaccustomed to the heat, these will HURT you!

Them’s the ones in a black bag? If so, yep, had ’em. Goooood.

Ohh… That’s why you’re the Lightbringer… Now I get it… hehe :wink:

In my case, it hurts more leaving, than going in.

On that note, I'll stick to jalepanos :-D

Try it sittin’ on the dock of the bay. Watching the tide roll away

Will definitely check for them.

Am hooked on this Ghost Pepper BBQ sauce;

So good.

For the sake of my @ss, I'll pass!!

At least you’re getting you’re money’s worth…

My assets are better served, not dealing with the ghost busters...lol.


My son-in-law will eat a whole bag, carrying on something awful but unable to put em down. Tried to get my daughter to video him, might be worth something on AFV. lol

I like em but eat too much Carolina Reaper to get to carried away with Ghost pepper chips. :wink:

My taste buds can take the heat.
If only they where available north of the border.

Ran across these in a Walmart in Columbia SC today. They only had a Cilantro & Lime (or something like that) and the Ghost Pepper. Being leery of a previous Ghost Pepper salsa experience, but not being fond of cilantro, I was only motivated by this DB Custom thread to make the purchase. So, I decided to be filled with the ghost. I have to admit that these chips from Texas are very good. Not greasy and have a nice crisp. Very fresh tasting with no chemical after taste. I love heat, but about 7 chips was enough to make me cry uncle.

I'll be seeking out Paqui chips in other flavors now. Thanks for the alert DB Custom. :)

I like the flavor of Carolina Reaper and Ghost Peppers. I’m hoping to find some of these in my local Walmart! :smiling_imp:

In WalMart, they’re way down by the popcorn. :wink:


Now it’s fixed…

These are awesome if you want to just try the different flavors…

Or for fun, just mix them in with regular flavor chips… Sort of a chip roulette…

All we’ve seen here so far is the Nacho Cheese, Salsa Verde, and Haunted Ghost Pepper. I really want to try some of the others, like the Roasted Habanero, guess I’ll have to order them online or drive down to Austin, see if they’ll give me a tour and some free samples or something. :slight_smile:

Already been done. :smiley:

I’m not a regular Walmart shopper but I may just have to make a special trip for these. :slight_smile: Thanks Dale!

I wondered if someone would mention the roulette chips already put out by big D…bought them last November heading up for deer hunting season. Very tasty and as the bag said every once in a while I’d get one that set my mouth to burning. I figured it would be nonsense coming from a big company like that but they actually had a little kick. Enough to make me smile and enough to send the uninitiated running away in search of a glass of ice water. That always amuses me as it only makes it worse for the poor people. :smiley:

How many lumens will your tongue produce from these chips? :smiley:
Also how many lumens/watt :wink: