just arrived and pleasantly surprised

Hi i just received this from ebay and i have been very surprised with the quality and brightness from such a cheap bit of kit, it's far from perfect and has a few small scratches but for the price of £2 delivered u can't complain. ill try and get some pics up shortly..



Taking a look at the pic it does seem well made.......just as long as your happy with the light right.

more than happy mate i can't believe it was so cheap..

I would get it but i already have a light in mind...........Cant wait to see pics of your new torch.

You can NEVER have too many lights lol

Yes, yes i know.......have you seen my vid that i posted.....its not all my lights but it would give you an idea.

Hey now that is a pretty nice looking light! Does it flicker? Twisty switch, right? I wish it were a clicky. And I wish it were AA. I am looking for some more ultra-cheap AA lights.

Hi yes it is a twist switch and no it does not flicker it's a pretty good light and at least at that price you don't mind it getting damaged..

Is there o-rings where they should be.

Well there's an o-ring between the base and the top part but the lens is sealed in so i assume its water resistant.

Okay.......normally i dont do the dunk test on any of my lights.....

same here if i need a well sealed light ill grab a mag

Realistically, most of the lights I have are at least in theory water resistant. As part of testing I'll often drop them in the sink for a few seconds, dry the outside then look for evidence of water entry. Most don't let any in, and by replacing O rings just about all can be made water resistant enough. Unless you want to go diving with them. Then you are going to have to spend rather a lot of money.

I learned today that the this light is quite water resistant. It was submitted involuntarily to a dunk test today, as was its owner. And the good news is that both the light and its owner are still in good shape. I really shouldn't try to cross drainage ditches on little makeshift wooden bridges, as they tend to fall....

Glad to see your doing okay.....since your online, lol. In the specs it says 3hours of runtime, what do you get in real world use.

These little general "1W" AA lights are incredible for battery life, and they far surpass the manufacturer's rating. They run for 1 to 2 days generally. And then you let the battery sit for a few hours and turn it back on again and get more usable light.

My only 1watt that i own are two RiverRocks single AA lights that you can get at Target. I never did a runtime test but i can say its not days but a couple of hours max.

sure, for that price, you cant say anything, lol