Just arrived.

Trustfire S-A6 AAA/10440 light

Tail switch

Business End

Disassembled - but not as disassembled as it is about to be.


It was quite bright when it worked - not at all sure that it is really intended to take a 10440 as it worked for less than a minute. Put a 10440 in it (The Trustfire protected ones are a little too long though they will work in it - they will be crushed if you screw the tailcap fully home). Saw that it did have 5 modes as advertised. Went and got an unprotected 10440, put it in, the light flickered once then refused to work with any sort of cell. Time to speak to DX.


Speaking of the engraving... Can it be "polished" away or it is hard engraved? The tailcap would need serious polishing too as it is quite rought to my eye. And (personally) i would ditch the toilet chain attached to it. :D

Otherwise it's quite likeable even if it just takes AAA's.

Is it this one right?

That's the one. The engraving is quite deep, it would take quite a bit of grinding to remove it. There is plenty of metal there though so it would be possible to grind it out.

Too bad it stopped working because I really like how it looked especially being stainless steel and all.

Trying to get the pill out just now. This is fiddly as there is about a mile of threading to get it up through.

Same reflector than the F23, same orings, same almost all

Eventually managed to get the pill out. It is not a thing of beauty. We'll see what DX have to day before I do any more fiddling.

The threading only engages at the bottom, you don't actually have to unscrew it all the way out of the tube as I discovered when pushing on the base of the pill with a pen. I'd spent over an hour trying to unscrew it by then :(

Hi Don

is that the state it was in before you started fiddlng with it

pritty shody looking

Hi Barrie,

The marks on the brass are from the scriber I used to unscrew the pill - the rest of it is just as it arrived at around 11am today. Not had time to get nasty with it yet. And won't till DX get back to me.

Goodness....it looks like you did some light gardening with that pill before taking the photos! That's pretty bad, even for DX's flexible standards. It doesn't look like you got the "square deal" that you wanted (pun intended). If it turns out that working with DX on a resolution will be too big of a pita, I have no doubt you'll be able to resurrect that torch (and most likely better than new in the process).

rather not blessed, but pissed now.

Sorry, I coldn't resist.

I would probably still buy one, if it would be availible without this (stupid) ugly engraving.

Btw, how do you turn it on?

Screw in the tailcap. Mode switching is tricky because the chain gets in the way.

it is a real pain waiting up to two months of our life to get something we look forward to from Hong Kong to be frustrated and disapointed by poor quality control and sub standard goods

it piseeeees me off

Me 2! But sorted it out now.

Review to follow.

Laughinggood man do you remember [ Jim will fix-it ] Don can too Laughing

I just need to find a wealthy backer, Then I will tour China standing outside flashlight manufacturers factories shouting this mantra through a megaphone...

"Less is more!...at least when it comes to any form of writing on a flashlight body"

I will concede that it starts strongly and then get a little bogged down with details :)

Its appearance is look like a chain of mine, how long do you spend to open it?