Just asking - who would be interested in a 2s4p battery tube for the Q8

A 2S4P tube would facilitate mods such as quad xhp or mt-g emitters or 2s2p xml or xpl configurations. This may be the prime moment to pursue this option - while production of the Q8 is in progress.

I’d buy 2 and another Q8.

Ditto, same for me too! :+1:

This mainly is another tail PCB and tailcap with rotating PCB to keep alignment right, right?

Double length battery tube. 2x cells long. What could be simpler with tooling already in place?

Something like this but 4P instead of 3P….

If I’m not mistaking…. :smiley:

AH yes, of course, simply longer.
Sounds very good, will check with Barry right away

4-XHP70.2 P2-1A’s + XHP70 DTP board + SRK-FETDDdrv. + 8-VTC5A’s = :open_mouth: MY!!!

We'd be seeing 32K lumens there, wow!

So with more batteries will that make it brighter and or longer battery run time ?? Please forgive newbie questions .

2s4p battery tube would allow use of 6v emitters like xhp or mt-g if the driver is replaced or modded to allow 2s voltages. In the case of xhp the runtime would be much shorter since each pair of cells would be powering 4 dies.

Thanks for the explanation.

Count me in! Basically a Nitecore TM28 killer!



Like the idea of this mod, however this paragraph doesn’t make sense to me.

‘Each pair powering 4 dies’ but you have 4p so how can a pair power anything separately?

If you go from 4p to 2s4p then capacity remains exactly the same but voltage will double. Current drive to the emitters will determine run time.

4xXHP70 is 4 times the amount of dies of the stock Q8 so about 20K lumen, I expect not 32 , especially since it is only 2 times the amount of batteries.