Just bought 500pcs XHP50.2

We have made many zoom flashlight with the Cree XHP50 leds. Many people said, they got a Windows logo flashlight at last. So I decide to try to avoid the Windows lights.

I am talking this flashlight:Z1 zoom

It is not obvious when a XHP50.2 spot is shot on wall…

In past days,someone found the XHP50.2 is not strong enough, many XHP50 beads were damaged during normal working conditions. Hope now the model is ok…

Best wishes from Jaxman

Looks great.

Seriously, I love windows! :LOVE: :BLUSH:

In contrast, where are the high-CRI XHP50.2 emitters? Seem scarce. I prefer light quality versus gamed low-CRI quantity. But each one to his own, of course.

Nice move, wait for beamshots.

me too! :+1:

So I’m guessing that means it is a 1B tint bin? I wish you get some NW A or D tint bin that is below the BBL. B and C tint bins are above the BBL and will be green/yellow. A and D tints are much nicer with no green/yellow.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the tint.

The reason I don’t like .2 emitters is that they sacrifice tint consistency for more brightness.

Let’s just say that the XHP50.2 and XHP70.2 are a barf fest in terms of tint shift.

This is too general. A and D tints have more red, but this doesn't means a B or C is necessarily bad.

The general problem lies in the fact that flashlight manufacturers are doing something wrong imho: they buy reels without a tight chromaticity bin, mainly because of flux and costs. A 2B isn't tight, the EasyWhite 5, 3 and 2-step are more like it and less prone to bbl deviation. If you plan on building a multiple emitter panel even an E2 group (2A + 2B + 2C + 2D) may not matter much, because bbl deviation is averaged. When you can only use a single emitter, buying 3-step or 2-step matters, a lot. At least 5-step for 3x setups, and 5-step is probably still better than any A, B, C or D group imho.

Shitey lumens feast yeah!

Cheers :-)

I found green trends occured in 3C TINT mostly.

Forturnately, this batch is no greenized :smiley:

I once bought a Jaxman X1s with an XHP50 90CRI 5000K emitter. Currently I have 20+ flashlights, and the X1s still is almost always in my outdoor gadget set, because I love it with that specific emitter. I think, a little additional greenness/cyanness sometimes feels great for emitters in the CW-NW range (CCT >= 5000K). For that specific flashlight, my friends were very impressed, while I showed them another powerful light with 4000K 70CRI, and they were not that impressed.

Personally, I find lower CRI emitters looking mostly purple (and a little bit green/yellow) the least likeable - because the highly uneven spectrum. For some kind of emitters, I have even seen graphs showing very deep cyan dips with only near 5% intensity of the dominant wavelength.

Jaxman, I would like to ask a few further questions:

Currently you make Z1 in two variations: 1. XM-L2, 2. XHP50 / XHP50.2.

Did you consider Nichia 319A for your Z1 zoom flashlight instead of XM-L2?

- 319A has very similar output compared to XM-L2, but has considerably lower forward voltage, which menas, that if you use it with a buck driver (I assume, you do, because of the 2 cell compatibility), then you will have extended runtime with maximum brightness.

- While 319A is not available in 90+ CRI, it is still available in 80+ CRI (maukka measured them around 82-83) - and 319A has a very unique feature, because it has a hexagonal shaped light emitting surface, which makes the focused beam much more felt like a circle shape (and, it is a bit narrower than XM-L2, while focused). I think, that would be awesome for a zoom flashlight.

  • Based on maukka’s published measurements, the best CCTs for 319A could be 5000K and 3500K

Did you consider Nichia 144AM as an alternative to XHP50 / XHP50.2?

- 144AM is very similar to 4 pieces of 219C closely fitted in a single package (144AM is the 6V variant, 144AR is 12V)

- has a projection shape very similar to XHP50.2 (being not ‘windows like’), but probably has less tint shift across the beam (however this should be tested on small quantity samples) - and available in some nice tints

  • tolerates overdriving less, than XHP50.2, but I know, you don’t want to overdrive emitters anyway

I waithing to see jaxman with side siwitch flashlight