Just bought UltraFire H4. Have i made a mistake?

Hey guys ! :slight_smile:

I just bought the UF H4 for 30$. And i read that those who owns it, loves it. And it was a flood with a throw.
But now when i have searched much deeper for info, i found that this light has a narrow throw.

Have i made a mistake with buying this headlamp? I want a throw, with some flood. Is this the right light, or is this a pure throw with a narrow beam? :frowning:

Most definitely you have, you didn’t order one for me too! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have the H4 but I had the H2 and have the H3. I can say that it will not and could not have a narrow beam. There is not enough reflector to give a ton of throw in the design. It may have a hotspot but won’t be a narrow focused beam. My H2 and H3 have pure flood which makes them worthless past 10 feet or so. That’s fine as I wanted it for up close work only and they serve that need perfectly.

review and beamshot

And yes, you made a mistake not buying a ZL H600! :wink:

Just kidding, it´s 3X the price, but I just luv mine.

Haha J)

Okey i see :slight_smile: Lucky i didnt bought them, becuase i wanted a pretty good throw. Not like 100 meters or so, but like 15 maybe.
Im gonna use it when walking outside, or doing something outside. :stuck_out_tongue:

Almost all headlamps have almost ALL FLOOD ...I have a H501 zebralight and it's a q5 emitter that should mean throw but it has no reflector and it's all flood ..i also have a H31 and it has a reflector so it does have some throw ... Some ...

If you want some throw in a headlamp i'd say buy a xre xpe or a xpg in that order with a reflector ..if you want flood i'd be looking for an xml or xpg without a reflector or a frosted lens.

I think a headlamp is a tool and $50+ for a good tool is cheap .

Buying a bad tool because it's cheap is a horrible idea

"ya get what ya pays for"

Okey i see… :slight_smile:

thanks man ! But its already ordered :confused:

One question.

In some ebay ads, it says the Ultrafire H4 Headlamp can have 1 OR 2 CR123 batteries, depends if you use the extender you get with the light.
But in other ads it says “Do not use 2xCR123 batteries, you burn the LED” or something like that.

Who should i trust? I dont want it to brake becuase im using the wrong batteries.

Btw, can the Flashlight/headlamp get destroyed by using the wrong batteries?

Sure, too much voltage will kill the LED or driver.

Like any electronics, lights are designed to function within parameters.

You need to use the correct cells the light is designed for. Some have more flexibility than others.

Manufacturers usually give the voltage rating in the spec sheet.

I see. Very useful information, if i dont wanna brake the flashlight that is…

I actually never got a Manufacturers spec sheet when i’ve ordered flashlights, Never. :S
The flashlights ive ordered, i have gotten in a package whitout any sheet or nothing, just an ordinary paperpackaging. :S

  • Model: Ultrafire UF-H4 Head light
  • Harden Type II Finish
  • Powered by 1*CR123A/1*17670 batteries(not included)
  • Max. 4.2V (2*RCR123A or 2*CR123A not recommeded)
  • Features step-less birghtness adjustament, press and hold the button and LED brightness changes, release to lock down brightness.
  • Double-click to enter SOS mode
  • Adjustable head lamp strap
  • Comes with a extension tube for 2 CR123A configuration
  • Flexible head lamp strap to secure lamp on your front head
  • Less "floodly" compare with with UF-H1, UF-H2B and UF-H3D
  • Does not fit 18650 battery


This looks like manafont is confused and says don't use 2 cr123's or 2 rcr16340's


My assumption is that the extention is for a 17650 which seems rather odd as well ...

...my guess is cr123 .16340 rechargable or a 17650 rechargable


This is one clear reason to not buy ebay lights

Thanks ! i have alot of CR123 batteries at home, so they will do at the moment. But iam going to order some better rechargable batteries.

What do you mean with the last thing you said? :stuck_out_tongue: I assume you mean to not buy on eBay becuase its unclear which battery to use?

Yes, you made a horrible mistake! Send it to me and I will dispose of it properly J) I promise not to tell anyone about your mistake.

Hahah :bigsmile: There is not many Reviews of this light here, or have i missed them? I know i read one, but i havent found any review with beamshots outside etc?
Would you be interested in such a review?