Just got my first light, an Astrolux S1 3D...

Young Man.
My neighbor got hers,
but mine are still missing,
forcing me to go legging-less.
I Demand Recompense!

. . —————— Karen.

Can you send video? Please go post office check. I can give 50 75 points. Happy?

Young Man!
I Never Agreed for my
Goat Leggings to be outsourced
to BangGood!

I DEMAND a Second Pair,
a Complete Refund, and
the firing of someone!

. . —————— Karen.

I understand. Can you send video? Please check local post office.

This escalated quickly… :open_mouth:

you can get unprotected, since the S1 will turn off before the cell gets too discharged

what mAh is optimal and available for this light.

==they go to about 1000 mah i think
get the biggest you can afford, though if it costs $1 and claims 4000 mah, it is fake

the 18350 will probably disappoint you with its capacity no matter what so try to get the most mah

you will also see ‘max current draw’ possibly
you can;t really maximize max current, and max capacity
i would get max capacity

Lastly, are all of these cells rechargeable?

==li ion, yes

I want to get a cradle too for whatever battery I do get.

==you can get by with a $2 charger from ebay though others will warn against it



most have moveable terminals, some will not and those will most likely be for 18650

i do also recommend getting the 18650 extension tube

the mah/dollar ratio is WAY higher than 18350 cells


Actually, those generic come-with chargers (Thorfire, Sofirn, etc.) are pretty decent. Simple, stoopit, but they work. Never saw one overcharge a cell or anything. (Well, not yet.)

they may not be super fast but they usually are fast enough, and safe

one thing though is, they may use too high a rate for smaller batteries, especially if it is not adjustable
that would shorten their life some, but would charge them faster


Thank you, You guys are all mentioning an “extension tube,” presumably so I can use the more common and functional 18650. Where does one buy an extension tube?


red or blue


Ohhhhhh, this is awesome, and cheap too!

I’m going to order one today. When it comes in 8 months, I’ll get an 18650 battery. Seriously, thank you. I’ve ordered a black one.


aliexpress can take a long time to deliver, but you have your current version to play with

amazon has the tubes too, but they are $12


Naw, that’s fine. I can wait.

you can also use CR123A cells instead of 18350 - they just won’t last long or have a very high output…


Is this the same one?


it seemed like the same thing, after i put 2 links in there, i thought they looked mostly alike



typically an 18650 will have 2500-3500 mah
best 18350 will be 1100, typically only 800

a couple minutes of ‘turbo’, then it isn;t doing over 200 lumens til a recharge
out of 8 levels, it will be 4 or 5

as far as using it exclusively as an 18650 light - that is fine, but there are other 18650 lights that are much smaller

the S1 isn;t really pocket size, to me


That is good to know. Thanks.